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Alfred Egmont, Somewhere in WisconsinAlfred Egmont, Somewhere in Wisconsin
Alfred Egmont, Somewhere in Wisconsin

Hilarious! (and unfortunately true.) .

Alfred Egmont, Somewhere in Wisconsin

Bravo! Even the most hideously hateful philosophies such as that of Westboro Baptist Churh in Topeka, Kansas (www.godhatesfags.com) have some small importance in the world of ideas, if only to serve to others as examples to true seekers of the evil that bigoted fanaticism can create in man.

Alfred Egmont, Somewhere in Wisconsin

A gentleman by the name of Jim Allison at http://www.members.tripod.com/candst/tnppage/misq5.htm doesn't seem to think J.Q. Adams made this quote. Check it out and see what you think for yourself. Maybe nobody now will ever be able to say for sure, but from what I know of Adams and other quotes attributed to , him, after reading that his authorship of this quote is questionable, I have to say that I'd doubt that he actually ever said this. This quote is very out of style with Adams or any of the earliest presidents. My very first impression of this quote was "Say what??" Jackson appears to be the first president with clearly Christian beliefs and he even refused to sign as bill for a National Day of Prayer because he felt it would be overstepping his authority. I think that anyone who wants to claim that "our founders were almost entirely Christians; godly men who loved Christ and believed in His Word" should do a lot more reading before making such claims.

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