John Quincy AdamsJohn Quincy Adams, (1767-1848) 6th US President

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“The highest glory of the American Revolution was this; it connected, in one indissoluble bond the principles of civil government with the principles of Christianity.”

John Quincy AdamsJohn Quincy Adams
~ John Quincy Adams

in a speech to the U.S. House of Representatives

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P.M.    12/21/05

I love this quote. Beleive me, John Quincy Adams was there he ought to know what all happened as a result of the American Revolution

Dale Morfey, Fort Smith, AR

It is a shame that so few know this principle.

Anonymous, Penticton BC Canada

does anyone beleive this ? just look south in your country and the mentality is, blacks are second class citizens, this is not right. It's about time you Americans wake up to the fact that you (whites) do not control the world ! or your own country, just a thought.

Tedford Hyde, Lake Mary, FL.

John Quincy Adams was right on target. Only people who despise Jesus Christ, His authority, and the Word of God hate what our country was founded on. Specifically, The Holy Word of God, the Bible. MIsguided fools and reprobates will dodge the issue and make any excuse they can not to humble themselves and give their lives to Jesus and Christ and surrender to His Lordship. Our founders were almost entirely Christians; godly men who loved Christ and believed in His Word. How tragic our nation has become and fallen to the depths of depravity.

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T.L.    5/19/06

Um, excuse me, but this was made in an era in which most of the "civilized population of America" was Christian. What if someone hates God? Here, nothing can really stop them. They may even hate the Bible and love America! There is such a thing as religious choice, you know.

Andy, Milton FL

John Q Adams didn't say this. John Wingate Thornton attributed those words to Adams in his book The Pulpit of the American Revolution but that in fact, he made them up himself.

Alfred Egmont, Somewhere in Wisconsin

A gentleman by the name of Jim Allison at doesn't seem to think J.Q. Adams made this quote. Check it out and see what you think for yourself. Maybe nobody now will ever be able to say for sure, but from what I know of Adams and other quotes attributed to , him, after reading that his authorship of this quote is questionable, I have to say that I'd doubt that he actually ever said this. This quote is very out of style with Adams or any of the earliest presidents. My very first impression of this quote was "Say what??" Jackson appears to be the first president with clearly Christian beliefs and he even refused to sign as bill for a National Day of Prayer because he felt it would be overstepping his authority. I think that anyone who wants to claim that "our founders were almost entirely Christians; godly men who loved Christ and believed in His Word" should do a lot more reading before making such claims.

warren, olathe

The quote may be incorrectly attributed to Adams, I don't know. But the sentiment is consistent with almost all the founding fathers. Thomas Pain would be an exception but few others. The idea expressed in that quote is exactly what the government of this country was founded on. Read the Old Testament after Exodus. You will find where the founding fathers found the model for our government and why we shouldn't have a king.

warren, olathe

Alfred Egmont needs to do a lot more reading before making such claims. Ignorance is bliss to some I guess.

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R.S.    4/16/09

This was undisputably the prevalant idea of the majority of our founding fathers. A note to Alfred Egmont and friends: Please take the same zeal you have in discrediting the Biblical values of our founding fathers and research the phrase "separation of church and state" by Thomas Jefferson. A person's beliefs will always influence his decisions.

Brice Deidricksen, Fort Collins

J. Q. Adams was the lack luster, ultra conservative, Monroe Doctrine, idiot son of the brilliant, founding father, John Adams. Some similarities seem to exist here between J.Q. and G.W. one would have to think, perhaps?

ivey, tampa,florida

John Quincy Adams should know this he was there wasn't he. People who say they don't like this can i ask why. How do you know what the highest glory of the American Revolution was. Were you around in that time? It did connect in that bond and it did make a difference. This quote is reasonable and is good.

Willard Rockwell, Allison Park, PA

John Quincy Adams correctly identified the attribute behind the phenomenal success of America, and except we begin to get back to the faith of our forefathers, we may very well lose what they fought to provide, the greatest and longest living Constitution in the world. Proverbs 4:11 says, "“I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have led thee in right paths.” God today challenges us to inquire,“Have I led thee in right paths? Go back and ask your forefathers.”

Janet, Mfld

Quoting Separate Church and State is not in the Constitution.. no mention of Church,State,separate or a wall.. That was writ in a letter to the Danbury Baptist in Danbury CT. they mis-understood the First Amendment to mean the goverment would choose one of the Christian Sect (Denominations ) to be over all other Christian Sects.. There were Thirteen Colonies and seven of them were Church run states ,that is they were actually funded by the goverment ,,if you look the founding of he thirteen states you will see everyone of them were founded by a Christian Sect (Denomination) The First Amendment was writ by Christians for Christians,that is to protect every Christian Sect from becoming dominated by just one.. Here is the facts to run for and hold an Office the requirement was (before and after the First Amendment) one had to be a Christian,but where the problem arose was that though one was a CHristian they also had to be of that Colonys Christian Denomination to hold an Office ,if they were running for an Office in that Colony ..look up each Colonys Christian founding ,they became concern that sometime that one of the Christian Sect may like in England be given position over all other Sect ( Christian)

Janet, Mfld

Would like to add that every States Preamble mentions God,or one of His Three Persons..
America was founded on the Bible two Books most used in its founding and quoted by our Founders are the Books of DEUT. and LEV.
No other religion took part or allow to take part in America founding ,why would a Christian people ,.let people of a pagan religion take part in writting a Bill ,signing a Bill or holding an Office .n and not one of a pagan religion did neither was their religious belief used as a foundation .. America was founded for the Glory of God and His,Christ ,Yeshuas Gospel .. America was not found on many religions of many gods..Just One God and Him Lord and King

Mike, Norwalk
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Mike, Norwalk Mike, Norwalk 5/17/23

I’m not sure if the concept “highest glory” fits here? I’m also not quite sure, what are the principles of civil government that Adams refers to? AND, what “indissoluble bond” was made with Christian principles. In years previous, the Declaration of Independence referenced the de jure jurisprudence of the States United as “the laws of nature and of nature’s God” (that would have been an harmonious mingling of Christian principles and a civil body politic). Philosophies of law (such as legal positivism, legal realism, maritime law, etc.) have replaced the Constitutional law of the land. Many Christian principles, such as innocent until proven guilty, are still fain claimed with exception (related to the 2nd plank of the communist manifesto - by example). Issues such as slavery were verbally agreed to be done away within 20 years of signing the Constitution as a compromise for immediate acceptance - such never materialized because evil malefactors further distanced themselves from Christian principles.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

The "American Revolution" was never American or revolutionary. Until all of the nation's members are respectful or respected it will never be American, and until it stops living in the past, and starts moving forward, it's simply not associated with revolution or revolutionary elements.


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