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Gracious...I leave for a few days and someone runs a trememdous thread. My hat is off to all participants. Now...a few words....and lets be real. First, if you want to see low standards, go to any government buiilding or operation. If you want to see inefficiency, just compare Fedex to the Post Office. Anyone who compares universal healthcare to our healthcare system and choses the former, when they are sick, is simply an idiot. The simple fact is that the government is probably the worst way to accomplish most everything except, shock shock, national security, etc...as our Founding Fathers designed it. That is the very nature of government. There are great, effective, and efficient private solutions for most government programs. Their only draw back of course, is that they require particupation rather than a handout, and do not give power to someone over someone else. Does that mean free enterprise is perfect? Of course not-- Should it be monitored for illegal activity? Of course. But if you fear corruption, stay away from the government. If you want innovation and a rise in the standard of living...try the free enterprise system. Its not perfect. But, it has a really great record of success everywhere its tried to recommend it.

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