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Anonymous, Columbia, SCAnonymous, Columbia, SC
Anonymous, Columbia, SC

I think what is done is done and there is no amount of money that can undo the past. I do think that boat loads of monies should be dumped into the inner city and rural school systems. Also college funds should be established respectively for those schools in need. The monies should continue to be distributed equal to the number of years of slavery. At some point the educational system should be nationalized giving youth in every part of the country access to the same books, competent teachers and other materials that will give all students and equal opportunity to succeed. --D.L.Chitty, Columbia, SC

Anonymous, Columbia, SC

To Cal, of Lewisville, Texas, who wrote: "Every program for them has been an expensive failure," do you mean programs like hundreds of years of slavery? Slavery, after all, was for THEIR benefit, wasn't it? If every program has been a failure, perhaps it is because they were designed to fail and were created only to assuage the guilt of the few who still had some semblace of conscience and humanity. Without changing their moral core, how could any program designed by the 'masters' benefit those whom they enslaved and despised and from whose labor they benefitted both materially and psychologically for centuries? Get a grip!

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