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Anonymous, Fort Bragg, CAAnonymous, Fort Bragg, CA
Anonymous, Fort Bragg, CA

Reagan was retarded. If you read about any economic party you'll see its flaws. Capitalism has a lot more flaws then communism. The society will crumble under capitalism because the corporations don't care about there workers and as soon as they have the ability to they will replace them all with machines so none of them will have jobs. When that happens there will be no one to buy these products. At least with communism there would be equality and the lower classes could survive.

Anonymous, Fort Bragg, CA

I guess most of the previous comments don't understand whats being said here. Everyone is doing work to the best of their abilities and everyone is getting what they need to survive. There is no one who isn't doing work and leaching off society. Also Karl Marx had more Socialist beliefs than communist meaning that the people would have some say in their jobs. It's not all the government telling us what we have to do. It was trying to creat equality which is something needed in this society. With capitalism we have the upper class, who sometimes don't do anything, and the lower class, who usually do most of the hard work. A lot of the time these hard working lower class proles can't get everything they need to survive, yet they are doing most of the hard work. What Karl Marx was trying to say is that as long as you do work you will get everything you need to live. This would cut down on a lot of over-consumption that seems to be a problem in america also. I think before a lot of you people complain about this quote you should actually read into the background of whats trying to be portrayed by the quote

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