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Anonymous, Keeseville, ny

She makes good points about "earned" She is a selfish person to total fault, like so many in our government. IMO it should always be that a state of private property and collectivism both exist in a country, as human nature seems to always tend to the selfish to total fault as history has always shown. Inotherwords, if either a totally private or totally public state exists, it will be totally corrupt eventually due to lack of powers needed to keep it accountable and honest. Her statement about having "earned" great wealth has the usual flaws of not honoring the work ethic, which would have to be honored in this country's Constitution as an amendment if I were to truly support it. I suppose she could have "earned" her great wealth by just sitting on her behind as her gold collection appreciated with no work on her part; then the other mistake of making gold "money" ;would complete that travesty, sealing the working public's fate, as has the immoral Federal Reserve's antics of the last 100 years.

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