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Anonymous, Nelson B.C.Anonymous, Nelson B.C.
Anonymous, Nelson B.C.

That more insidiously it spawns the type of well paid middle-class job that are fewer and fewer in N.A. For the army of workers collecting and ensuring those taxes are paid. Kinda like the Sheriff of Nottingham was, for his king. So now you have a whole industry dependant on collection and re-distributation and those in this industry drive around in company cars and expense tabs and need large desks and secretaries. etc. ad nauseum. Those taxes are paying for the infrastructure, too. No wonder the ordinary joe is feeling ripped off.

Anonymous, Nelson B.C.

That, to me it is not indentured servitude. But rather, economic slavery. Servitude, certainly. I was an indentured apprentice for 5 yrs. until receiving my papers that released me from my servitude. When indentured, the "master" has certain obligations. As did I. Yet there was an eventual release. This taxation is dictated to us by a private bank, from which there is no relief but death. For me, this is slavery.

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