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O'Rourke has done it again, I agree 100% and have always maintained that those that have the Gold rule...the PTB (powers that be) have all the money, all the guns and they are in control. It doesn't matter that we don't like it, there is really nothing you can do about it, because one way or the other they are going to win. We cannot tell them what to do, they determined and set in motion a long time ago what would happen to this country. Now they put up the face you see as the leader is just a puppet, either he does what PTB wants, or dies, or is diabled. Study your history, this is nothing new. We can complain in these venues for years to come, but they still rule. We can't out number them in money or in arms. So with these thougts in mind, what do we do, we keep telling people what is happening until we get the majority convinced, in the meantime we make preparations. The day will come when we will have to make a decision about where we stand and how much more we will take, on that day, we will get their attention. All in due season. When its right it will happen, when enough people are tired of our money being spent on lies that have been perpetrated on us by the administration in charge, when we get fed-up enough we will band together and force them to make changes. Until that time, do like NOAH did, keep building that ARK.

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