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Blake Mc, Metaline Falls, WABlake Mc, Metaline Falls, WA
Blake Mc, Metaline Falls, WA

I think our fore fathers wanted better for us than we have now! We as a people are too good at handing our rights over. Many in America want a better country but don't believe we can have it. To many have given up and are willing to let the minority take it all. This should not be so! We as Americans can and should voice our thoughts, and not allow those who feel everyone else should do it their way, to Be the only voice heard in our government. Our fore fathers intended for this country to have as little government as possible and allow each state to govern itself except in a few matters. Let us return to that government! I agree with removing the IRS, the central Banking system, and the excess money institutions that control so many in this country. Let Americans govern themselves in such away that God might bless them again as a country. More personal responsibility and accountability for all!

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