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Bob, DC area

To John in Boston - In reality you very rarely ever find "employers who make their fortune off the sweat of others" without compensating them fairly. Unless of course, you look at places that reject the free market. In America you have the right to leave GE, or Walmart, or any other employer if you don't feel fairly compensated. BTW - I couldn't care less who to attribute it to. I'm more interested in the content. I rate these 5 stars!

Bob, DC area

To DM in Bozeman - Jobs aren't exported because "rich men want to keep poor men down." Jobs are exported because it's economically advantageous to do so. Think about it this - it's is not rocket surgery: if you owned a widget factory and you could either pay someone $35/hr to lean on a shovel and snarl at you or $5/hr to produce widgets, which would you do? Even if you had to spend $10/hr to ship them to market from Timbuktu, it's still a no brainer. And btw - everyone benefits when wealth is created more efficiently. The consumer (i.e., you) benefits by paying less for goods. The only one who you might say does not benefit is the guy who priced himself out of the market by demanding $35/hr. Don't price yourself out of the market and you won't lose your job. You might say, "But, the cost of living is so high - I need $35/hr to survive!" Well, maybe you don't need cable TV. Maybe you don't need to live in a house you can't afford. Maybe ... well, you get the idea. If you say, "I don't live extravagantly. I just want a modest lifestyle. But, I can't afford it as a widget maker here!" Well, one of the nice things about America is that (at least for the time being) we have the freedom to move around and the freedom to try other careers. Maybe you should consider moving and/or trying another line of work.

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