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Fascism is derived from the Latin "fascis", meaning "bundle". Union, when taken to extreme, can lead to forced or otherwise coerced uniformity, a hallmark of fascism. So, whilst union can provide more strength than the single, those who form unions must always be on guard that the union they form still meets their needs. If it fails to do so, they should either endeavor to change the union, leave it, or work to dissolve it.

Bob, Reston

Pass a test? The way a voter can tell if they made a good choice is to live with it. Isn't that test enough?

To Anon in Reston - Concentration of power by landowners is the intent of the Senate, at least the way the founding fathers designed it! It was supposed to be balanced by the "average joes" in the House. The House members may be elite, but only to a small group in their district...

Bob, Reston

Couldn't disagree more with this thought. Economics (the study of the economy) is the foundation for operating any capitalist business. That said, government intervention in the economy IS politics, or at least is VERY PRONE to political influence.

Bob, Reston

To use this forum for retort to Nassau - do you really believe that the founding fathers, or Jefferson in the quote we are referring to, would have said, to paraphrase, "I should keep my constituency informed, no matter how much they seek information on their own, or be punsihed by death at their hands?" I rather see it as invective to his cohorts to not act without their constituency in mind, lest they lose their office or reputation. AND to whomever runs this site - this is a GREAT forum - of all the daily quote sites available, your choices always remain positive and inspiring. Thank you!

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