Famous Aesop Quote

“Union gives strength.”

~ Aesop

The Bundle of Sticks

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Bob, Reston

Fascism is derived from the Latin "fascis", meaning "bundle". Union, when taken to extreme, can lead to forced or otherwise coerced uniformity, a hallmark of fascism. So, whilst union can provide more strength than the single, those who form unions must always be on guard that the union they form still meets their needs. If it fails to do so, they should either endeavor to change the union, leave it, or work to dissolve it.

GunnyCee, Durham

It's as if AESOP knew there would be unions in the future. Sure the unions give the member strength, but at the expense of those not in the unions. America is a union, or at least for now. It was founded on individual responsibilities and the belief that each person would pursue their own happiness. Today, we are not allowed to do that anymore. We must comply with government regulations at all levels. We are taxed into submission by greedy, vote grabbing, benifit dispensing politicians whose only goal is to retain their seat of power. Any government that ceases to work for the majority of the people must be dismantled and reformed to meet the demand of the majority. Today we are ruled and dictated to by the minority and this can only lead to revolution and bloodshed if we fail to vote the minority "ruling class" out of office. Watch and see how many ignorant people confuse my use of the word "minority" thinking I'm talking about blacks.


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