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Bob, Reston, Virginia, USABob, Reston, Virginia, USA
Bob, Reston, Virginia, USA

Wow! It has been a slow progression, but in the USA, we are getting there...and that worries me! The phrase "follow the money" plays a role here - everyone should examine how their taxes are being spent at the Federal and state level. Example: For every man or woman over the age of 18 in the US, the Federal government distributes about $1300 in grants. That is, money is collected from individuals by the Federal government, then redistributed to the states, for redistribution back to individuals in the form of money or services. The only thing added by the Fed in this loop are conditions on how the money will be spent (e.g. must set maximum speed limit at 55 mph in congested areas to get highest percentage of highway money). Every dollar spent comes with a compliance price tag - even for emergency assistance! That's over $350 bn collected and redistributed, with conditions of uniformity....

Bob, Reston, Virginia, USA

Allegiance: the obligation of a feudal vassal to his liege lord

Liege: a feudal superior to whom allegiance and service are due

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