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Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CABruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA
Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA

E. Archer--

Excellent points!

The "separation" issue, as meagerly explained above, was a result of Jefferson's comments to the Danbury Baptist Association being misconstrued (lightly speaking) and further twisted into a pile of crimped tin-foil (when viewed even remotely from the vantage of any solid context.)

The Baptists wanted their "sect" of Christianity to be the cornerstone of religious interpretations... made by the "state". Of course, that didn't work out well for the Danburys.

The "separation" concept has devolved from that point 200+ years ago, and is now so unrecognizable as to be virtually impossible to apply it as intended.

Everyone wants their view of the issue to hold sway, in the least... and hopefully to have their view bury anyone's contrary view in a ditch so deep it would take centuries to extract it from the darkness.

The problem with most "Christians", as I see it, is their obsession over the need to "convert" someone from their pagan ways. Of course, Jesus said, "No man comes unto me lest the father draw him." The idea that a person can be converted through some song and dance routine is absurd on its face.

The end-time is close at hand. When these "Christians" realize they are not getting "beamed out" until the second coming of Jesus (which occurs later than they had hoped), they are going to be very disappointed--so much so that I, being a Christian, am scared more by Christians than any pagans; or demons, Satan, etc. A pagan is easily spotted from a distance. A Christian takes big-time effort to pierce those layers of erroneous dogma smeared upon them by false "prophets".

All I know is that the Trumpster has officially declared that the US will be moving our embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. About time. Just one step closer to Armageddon... and the end of this screwed up system batched in the stewpot of man's twisted mind.

Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA

E Archer--

You are quite welcome.

Now; don't take my word on ANYTHING! Go to the sources for verification. The FED has ALL THE DATA YOU COULD EVER WANT... stored away in their publicly accessible data banks--online. As for the original Coinage Act (1792), and all successor acts... they are available all over the net as PDF's--scanned directly from the legislative docs.

Since you're in NYC, you can visit the kingpin bank of the FED--The Federal Reserve Bank of New York--which holds the power of the Discount Window.in their hot little hands.

An EXCEPTIONAL work is... "Modern Money Mechanics", published by the Federal Reserve itself. Used to be available from the Chicago Fed, online. May not be there, now... but it is available on a number of other sites. Just type in Modern Money Mechanics, and you'll have a plethora of PDF's and other formats to chose from. Boring as HELL, as a read. Indispensable for opening the eyes of one who needs to know the way the system actually works. Here's the opening statement from the work...

"The purpose of this booklet is to describe the basic process of money creation in a "fractional reserve" banking system."

In other words... how to create money from thin air.

They don't hide their secrets from anyone. But, then... who's gonna take the time to learn the tricks of their trade?

Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA

ANON stated...

"Article 1 section 10 was to keep fiat (unbacked by gold and silver coin) paper money out of the system. Amazing how many are ignorant of this fact. I believe the Treasury Department still physically creates the fiat money we use today."

First of all: Fiat money is... whatever is declared to be "legal tender", by the King (or other recognized ruler) and which fiat legal tender currently happens to be Federal Reserve Bank Notes and Coins; and as such it can't be refused acceptance in payment for debts--public and private.

Well, actually... you can refuse it--at your own peril... especially when dealing with the Gov. That's why these days, everything is done with Fed Notes ("dollar bills"), which is what people think of as "money". That way they can't confuse that archaic, phony gold and silver money... with "real paper money". LOL

Funny how people have lost track of so many facts; like the term "dollar". The term "dollar", two hundred years ago, was used to denote a specific weight of gold (or silver)... as specified in the Coinage Act implemented by Congress. (Remember the Constitution? "...coin money and regulated the value thereof..."). At that time, a dollar was (as I recall) equal to 1/20 oz of gold; which weight varied slightly over the following decades.

So... a $5 gold piece was of a weight of 1/4 oz of gold... and a $20 gold piece was of a weight of 1oz of gold. This is not an exact coin weight. There are other factors, such as the alloy, which is specified in the Coinage Act as to how much copper, exactly, must be present. But the coin MUST contain the exact amount of gold/silver as specified by the Coinage Act and such weight reflected by the denomination on the coin, such as $20.

The dollar being a legally specified weight and denominated as such, with the corresponding date of strike, the value of a coin did not fluctuate over time. And if the Congress decided to change the dollar by altering the future weight, it had no effect on the existing coin weight... and thus people could save their accumulated "wealth"... without the fear of inflation (devaluation of the existing dollar). And then, too, the people could take the offending Congress people out to the nearest tree... and stretch their necks for robbing them.

The constitution does not allow for gold or silver "backed" money. It only allows for gold or silver coin (specie) as specified in the Coinage Act; and that only applies to the Federal government. States cannot create "money"; and they can't make anything but gold and silver coin a "legal tender" in payment of debt--i.e.: they can't create any "fiat money".

The people can use anything they want to use for money--peanuts, chewing gum, tobacco, gasoline, matches, gold, silver; you name it. But... nowadays, if they use gold and silver coin to pay their taxes, it better be "legal" specie (as defined in the Coinage Act--and who in their right mind would do such a foolish thing?)... or Federal Reserve Bank Notes.

Yes; the US Treasury (Bureau of Engraving) does print the "fiat money" that is circulated as Federal Reserve Notes ("dollar bills", if you will). It also "coins" fiat money (which coins used to be constitutionally legal specie when they were punched from gold and silver).

BTW: The reason the 16th amendment was passed was to allow the Federal Reserve Bank to create a demand for their Notes... thereby allowing the FED to begin to manipulate the inflation/deflation of the value of money. The Federal Reserve Act was passed in 1913.

The 16th amendment was enacted in 1913. But the 16th was actually begun (in process) in 1909. You hear the old adage that the Income Tax was intended to "pay for the war"... and which war was that??? WWI? Spanish American? In order to sync the FED Act with the 16th,they had to start the amendment long before the act. And that's the facts, Jack.

BTW #2: Did you know that the Coinage Act provided for the penalty of DEATH for altering or counterfeiting a legal specie coin?

Them ol' boys took their money seriously!

Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA

BTW: I should add this--

Many people spout the nonsense that the Federal Reserve prints (manufactures) money out of thin air (out of nothing.)

The fact is, the Fed ISSUES Fed Reserve Bank Notes (the Bureau of Engraving, of the Treasury, actually prints the Fed Notes for circulation) which represent the debt instruments legally appropriated by Congress and transferred via the US Treasury to the FED for backing the FED's issuance of "money".

The bonded debt transferred backs the issuance, and the US taxpayer backs the bonded debt. Of course, there are other debt instrument involved in makin' money; but I ain't going into that, here.

Here's another clue to the scam: There are approximately $1.5T in circulating Fed Notes (dollar bills and coin) as I write in 2017. If the US Debt (bonded, that is) totals $20T... how do you pay off $20T in debt with $1.5T dollars??? Ya don't!

Another tidbit: People say the FED has never been audited. Technically, that is pretty much true. However...the FED issues a balance sheet weekly called the H.4.1 Release... and it can be D/Led from the St. Louis Bank anytime you'd like to see it. And, if you're so inclined, you can save them all the way into eternity and do the comparisons every week in order to verify just how screwed we really are.

And one more tidbit: If, in some alternate reality, we were to miraculously find $20T in Fed Notes just floating around, we grabbed them and we paid off the $20T debt, what do you think happens to the Fed Notes? They are "retired" and destroyed... since the "debt" that was backing them has been retired.


Well, it's like this: in a debt-backed monetary system, like the one we have... NO DEBT=NO MONEY!

You can thank "our savior", FDR, for his accommodations of the bankrupt Federal Reserve Bank System, back in 1933, and Ol' Woody Wilson for signing off on the Federal Reserve Act back in 1913.

Gotta love them COMMIES...

Good luck--

Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA

Too bad people don't understand the nature and roots of "real money"

Directly from the US Constitution-- "...no state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt..." Last time I checked, there has never been an amendment which changes the body of the document to remove or alter that clause.. But then, too, who really cares what the constitution says?

That being the case, is it too difficult to understand why the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 transferred the constitutional power "...to coin money and regulate the value thereof...", from Congress... to a privately owned Central Bank, with the authority to issue 10X the amount of notes as there were gold reserves with which to redeem those same notes?

And how did FDR and Congress manage to bail out that Central Bank in 1933, by forcing the people to "sell" their constitutional gold money to the Central Bank at $20/oz, and then immediately turn around and reregulate the value of that gold money to $35/oz--robbing the people of 75% of their liquid wealth???

"Rothschild" is always pointed to as the villain in the discussion of banking. The real villains are the Congress members who allowed (and continue to allow) for a privately owned Central Bank to control the money supply.

[Their] being disciples of Keynes, along with FDR, the scintillating idea that the economy could be artificially forced to expand was the beginning of the end of "real money"... and any real prosperity of the people. I can hear them Congress peeps, now: "Don't you know that we can borrow and spend our way into prosperity? Let the peeps eat cake."

Then, with the advent of Nixon being bought off by the "money powers" for his instituting a "floating dollar" (closing the gold window and eliminating the gold redeemable Fed Reserve Note), in 1971, and the Monetary Control Act of 1980 (and others), the debt-backed "dollar" represented by the FED note we now covet, is the result.

So...now we have a $20 Trillion national debt; and that ain't never gonna get anywhere close to lower. Funny how the FED gets to issue taxpayer-debt backed notes (and now, ANY debt instrument is fair game--mortgage backed securities ring any bells?) but only in the amount of the principal--yet the interest??? NO WAY, JOSE !

That interest has to come from somewhere. Got any ideas?

Inflation (devaluation of the "dollar") is the hidden tax which robs the people of their wealth. Income taxes just pay the interest--they don't pay the principle.

Wake up and smell the reality. There are only two ways to correct the situation:

1) Just let everything fold and wash out the system
2) Just keep adding zeros to the debt, which has already reduced the real value of the "dollar" by 98% since the system got started in 1913.

Which scenario would YOU choose... if you owned the world... and wanted to keep the people working and eating and not out roamin' around lookin' to cut your freaking throat???

But then, what happens when the FED won't refinance all that debt... and the notes come due? Take a guess. Go ahead.

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