Mayer Amschel RothschildMayer Amschel Rothschild, [Mayer Amschel Bauer] (1744 -1812), Godfather of the Rothschild Banking Cartel of Europe

Infamous Mayer Amschel Rothschild Quote

“Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes the laws.”

Mayer Amschel RothschildMayer Amschel Rothschild
~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild

in 'The Creature from Jekyll Island' (American Opinion Publishing), p. 218

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Lamb, Rochester, NY

Whoever holds the purse strings, is the boss -- always was, always will be.

Milous Ford, Murray, Ky.

History has proven, has it not?

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

As evidenced by the Bush administration's actions...

Brian D. Pickett, Tampa, Florida

Mr. Rothschild quite pointedly shows us the nature, desires, and methods of both he and his fellow Jews through this one quote.

Upcoming Illminati, The Global World

I will exceed Rothschild family wealth and than see who makes the law.

William Ballintine, Fort Worth

Where did this quote come from? WHAT is its source? All I see is a anti-Semitic back-slapping

F16JetJock, Sacramento
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F16JetJock, Sacramento William Ballintine, Fort Worth 9/24/19

Mayer Amshel Bauer-Rothschild was an Ashkenazi Jew who was descended from the pagan Khazar Empire. In 742, their king demanded that the pagan citizenry convert to Judaism to avoid war with the Christian Russians of the north and the Muslim Ottomans of the south. The empire began collapsing in 1100 and its fake non-Hebrew Jews migrated to eastern Europe, primarily Poland and Hungary and then eventually to western Europe and the USA.
Ironically, the only Israel/Judah Hebrew-descended Shemites (aka Semites) remaining in the world are actually the current Palestinians.
Consequently, 98% of the current population of Israel are actually Khazars and not Shemites. Dittos for the Khazar faux-Semites of the USA.

Mark Alexander, Kissimmee
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Mark Alexander, Kissimmee F16JetJock, Sacramento 2/21/20

Whats wrong with the World in one paragraph..Thank You

hanen berger, Netherlands
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hanen berger, Netherlands Mark Alexander, Kissimmee 4/24/21

The Khazars are not Shemites? there is where many are wrong for so long a time.
You see Shemites are consisted of 2 group of people. In fact from 2 brothers. The twin brothers Esau and Yacqob are both Shemites. 
A good research will bring anyone who is seeking to find who the Khazars really are to the conclussion that they are descendants of Esau. Jews are descendants of Esau by bloodline or by evil pact. 

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    Anonymous    1/22/07

    I think that the exact qoute is, "Give me control of a nation's money SUPPLY, and I care not who makes the laws."

    Daniel, Riverside
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    Daniel, Riverside Anonymous 9/3/22

    Both Esau and Yacqob, the twin brothers are fictitious characters. So, Jews are descendants of neither. If you want to know who the Jews are go back in time to Hyksos who invaded Egypt and Babylon, e.g. the forced detention of Jews in Babylonia. The Jews infiltrated Khazaria and took over the government and leadership positions. Just like they have done to more than 100 other nations. Shem, Ham and Noah are also fictitious characters made up by the Jews who wrote the Old Testament, the Torah. Actually they stole this story from the Sumerians, the Epic of Gilgamesh.

    Mike, Norwalk
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    Mike, Norwalk    2/6/08

    Yep, William, how did you derive at anti-Semitic back-slapping? At issue is funny money's monopoly. The green doesn't care about race or religion.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    The establishment has spoken. The Rothschilds (Bauers) started out as thieves and have perfected it.

    warren, olathe

    Who wouldn't agree with that? I'll take all the money and I damn sure would no longer care about who made the laws. Whoops take that back. Hillary would take it all back. He probably didn't conceive of such an act of tyranny in this country back then.

    E Archer, NYC
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    E Archer, NYC    2/6/08

    A well known quote that far too few people really understand. Most upon discovering the trick of creating interest-bearing debt get sucked in to how to make money off the system rather than how to get rid of it. warren, if you do not know who the Rothschilds are, their history, and their inroads into the American economy, you have a lot to learn.

    warren, olathe

    E Archer, NYC yea I do know about the Rothschild’s. So what. What the hell is your point? You don't think that having control of the money is more power than making laws? If you control all the money do you not have the maker of laws at your disposal? The only thing you would fear is a socialist in power.

    E Archer, NYC
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    E Archer, NYC warren, olathe 9/7/22

    Should there be someone, anyone, who could control the money supply?  That is unlimited power, yes?  "The only thing you would fear is a socialist in power." The only thing to fear is that the holder of the power might make himself ruler of all, socialist or not.

    With a gold/silver money system, all the money is controlled by the holders of it, not the Fed.  Printing up billions of dollars for the US government to 'borrow' at interest is the equivalent to robbing every person's bank account, stealing the purchasing power of their money which now buys less  i.e. inflation.

    Warren, that makes the Federal Reserve the highest power in the nation above Congress, the Executive, and even the Courts  they have their own jurisdiction governed by their own courts.  In fact, there are only a handful of Common Law courts in the nation now.  All the rest are commercial-statutory courts, even admiralty.  The point is that by not using the only lawful money authorized under the Constitution, we have lost control of our country to the money printers who do not care who makes the laws as long as they 'own' the money supply.  Yes, that's right, they own it, we just 'rent' it, it is THEIR money to be used in their Monopoly game, and we are just pawns on the board.  It all ends up back in the bankers' box in the end.

    How much of the fruits of one's labors do the banks get after a lifetime?  About 90%.  How much did a car cost in 1960?  How much was a burger and coffee?  That's the loss in purchasing power of the tokens you have used for exchanging your labor.

    It is nothing short of servitude to the Banks for life and is considered criminal to conduct business that bypasses their system.

    Ben, Springfield, MO

    Let's not make this quote or responses to it racist when the issue of race is totally irrelevant to this issue. Economic freedom is necessary for political and religious freedom. They are not separate freedoms. They are all part of freedom. When economic freedom is jeopardized, as the manipulation of the currency has done, all freedom is in check.

    W. Sept, Mesquite, Nevada

    Since the Woodrow Wilson presidency and FDR, taking this country off of the gold standard, this country has been on the "fast-forward" slippery slope toward a Totalitarian State. (The One-World-Order) Incrementally, we are folding from within!! We are presently only as FREE as the small group of "ELITIST'S" running the world, will allow us to be. Where is the PUBLIC'S OUTRAGE???

    Herman Williams, Tulsa

    I think we ought to find this Son of a Bitch and execute him. Then lets see what he does with his 100 trillion dollars.

    warren, olathe

    Gonna have to dig him up first Herman.

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    Anonymous    6/5/08

    One of my favourite quotes :)

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    jason    7/9/08
    Beam me up
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    Beam me up    7/17/08


    adam purple, NYC Police $tate

    Study (don't just watch) "The Money Masters" because, sadly, Neo(con-game)-Nazism is happening in AND to the U$(leep-walking)A(mnesiacs). --r(apid)evolutionarilyours, adam purple

    Lane Jarsonbeck, AMERICA

    Give me a gun a knife or my bare hands with an opening and I will kill any bastard trying to corrupt the freedoms of America. By the way Rothschild(ren) the less you leave the rest of us the less we need of your money or your opinions...fuck you!!!

    Richard, Europe

    That, Mr Pickett, is an unacceptable and ignorant comment.

    David Gold, Philadelphia

    William Ballantine pulls the old "Anti Semite" card. Very outdated and overused tactic especially because many of the people who have been totally against the Rothschilds family are Jewish (like myself). You demand a "Source". What part of "Creature from Jekyl Island" did you not comprehend? This is now a well known book.

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    Anonymous    3/15/09

    Wow. This guy is really corrupt.

    Catchem Wekan, Bumphuck Egypt

    I would truly like to see the current family of Rothchilds gently swaying from trees. You would think the 6 billion or so who are NOT Illuminati could somehow get this done. Long rifles would also be an acceptable remedy (JFK style).

    Hermann, Germany

    When you have the control about nations money, you also have the control about the nations economy, about the people and about ALL! Dictature!

    NWO failing, Rothschild-run UK

    Considering the Rothschild dynasty was in part responsible for backing Hitler, I find the claim of "anti-Semitism" to be laughable. This is THE quote that sums up the elites' nihilism and arrogance.

    Ben Bernanke, Well-Fed Chairman, Washington, DC

    Most but not all central bankers are NOT Jewish. Why talk about a quote from some long-dead Jew? Why not talk about ME and what we're STILL doing to YOU with our privately-owned "Federal" Reserve banks in the USA? You ain't seen nothin' yet. With love & kisses, "Helicopter Ben" & the Boys.

    Anonymous, life hope south bend IN

    as long money control this world the rothchilds will be in charge so let it go and just live for you and not just money.

    Sinner, Minot nd

    Scary as hell when you look around and see what is going on right now. We have all forgotten our fore father's dreams and let these kind of men rule us with illegal taxation and fear and yet we do nothing. Our Father's would disown every last one of us for not getting off our knees

    inoaole, HI

    don't be a "dreamer"...WAKE UP! and SEE the TRUTH! I never learned any of this in school!! What I was taught were all LIES! Thank god for internet! There is a wealth and tomes of information available if you really want to know: "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN OUR WORLD?" You will be shocked into reality! As always: "eat the meat, spit out the bones". Bon appetit!

    Teece Hunter, Political Theorist. Like the opposite of Timothy Geithner., Crescent City

    Except you would NOT have to fear a socialist in power, because then you wouldnt have to hide in your business handing checks to the government to get what you want done, because it would be a part of the same revenue sheet and you would simply have your own chair with the knights of the oval table. Then you would be bound by its legal systems, but you would have a self-elected vote in what was legal. And that would be more difficult because then your lacky politicians would see themselves equal to you in some way then figure out they can vote you out of power, just like the people will realize we can vote ourselves largesse out of the public treasury, the fallible idea of democracy will fail, and we will renew our constitution and republic, unmolested by the tyranny of greed.

    Michael Tait, Gold Coast

    And now Big Pharma says the same. "Give me control of a nation's drugs and I care not who makes the laws.". Free thinking outside the established medical box and having the audacity to actually try and seek the cause of disease rather than treat the end result is now classified by many Western Medical 'Authorities' as unacceptable. We must now move forward into the exciting fields of energy medicine and out of the umbrella of drug therapy controlled money hungry cartels. Dr.Michael Tait Gold Coast Australia

    dujac, henleyfield

    why did the rothschild's bank (lehman) have to declare bankruptcy in 2008 if the rothschilds are so powerful

    anon, earth

    dujac,because they could afford to do it. With many subsidiaries and their power(Roths.) and the help of other likeminded NWO friends the tactics are deflate the shares run the economies down whence many companies and businesses go broke then buy up at VERY LOW prices the bad shares and miraculously ,some how the disaster is'nt as bad the Dow Jones goes up and thousands,maybe even millions of companies get taken over by the elites. The Rothschilds never loose a cent.Its all mirrors and phoney figures.

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    Anonymous    8/29/10

    Do people understand that a jew is not a race but religion?

    Jonothon, Forest of Dean, Glos

    This guy created a legacy which is now strangling the people of the world. Most of us will choke before we realise that the hands are merely mental and not physical. Wake up, realise the hands are not real and you shall be alive and free.

    Little John, Sherwood Forest

    The world's first central bank, the Bank of England, was chartered in 1792, largely at the behest of Mayer Rothschild. He was the most politically connected, hence most influential banker in England at that time, and, in retrospect, the meaning of his remark is clear: give me a central bank which I can control and, over time, I can get around whatever institutional safeguards are present, and use it to seize control of the country. And that's what eventually happens in every nation that establishes a central bank. Rothschild's quote, in short is a concise description of the root cause of the present global crisis. Rclark23, Planet Earth

    This is without a doubt, Now one of my most favorite Blogs on the net. Looking for Patriot Liberty Leaders. "What did you learn today? Did you learn to believe, or did you learn to think?" - Ralph Nader. " Educate and inform the Whole mass of The People... They are the only sure Reliance for the Preservation of our Liberty." -Thomas Jefferson

    Kate, NZ
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      Kate, NZ    1/3/11

      If you ever wondered how Hitler could afford this war and why some jews could leave Germany early enough to save their lives, where others suffered for those who's financial plan got wrong when they realised that Hitler was actually not controllable, the Rothschilds could probably answer your questions.

      income Infuser Review, US

      English tongue is not my main language, yet I can fully understand it when using the google translator. Great publish, keep them coming! Thanks!

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        Anonymous    5/19/11

        for those that don't get it, the rothschild family line is in no way jewish. they do not have hebrew blood in them at all.

        Anon, The world

        People have to remember the Rothschild family rode the wave of industrialization which originated in the UK. The key to their success was the fact that many stupid monarchs had no idea about financial security and flailed in times of war and unrest. The rothschilds were basically intelligent people in the right place at the right time which resulted in them gaining more and more trust. Although they missed being the face of a new emerging America after the civil war they still had huge influence from afar. This is all ok I suppose but what is of concern is how they and other influential financial families/banks can effectively enforce a kind of regionalism, where any form of decision making responsibility is taken away from localized groups or councils and centralized to their benefit. Also, influence of the federal reserve is something which should become more transparent as we are given no information regarding it's true control and backing, who is the fed res truly answerable to.

        Waffler, Smith

        Fuuny isn't it how we complain about thingsthat are so dear and important to us. TV said the other night that banks will continue to get bigger and bigger. In a free market (which every ones says they love) when this happes it is considered a good thing. I don't know what I would do without my banks and the services that they peovide me. We (in the form of the government) simply need to regulate them more. Today's quotes suck! Those interested in The Fed should google it and read up on it.

        J Carlton, Calgary

        The Federal Reserve, or rather its owners are the source of almost every evil on the planet. The Rothscilds are the epitome of evil.

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          Anonymous    12/6/11

          Mayer Amschel Bauer is his real name, his blood is traced like the other elite families to the Edom/Esau which are the twin brother of Jacob/Israel. So The Bauers/so called Rothchilds are not Jews. They just took this "Red Shield" name (in German) as they tried to steal the identity of the Maccabean Revolt (led by Judas Maccabeus) during the time of the Greeks invading Jerusalem 167160 BC. Study Edomea in history and the Elite will make sense on why they try to steal the Jewish identity and why they stir the world to anti-Semitism - more accurately anti- Jews. In my part this is a great tragedy and in my opinion, very wrong in the eyes of God.

          MLaw, Midheaven

          I understand that you all are resentful of the Rothschild family. But the truth is, the series of events that they and their cohorts have triggered can no longer be stopped or reversed. There is no reason to believe that anything can or will prevent the rise of the so-called New World Order. Even the Bible says that it will come. Democracy's time is almost up, and the masses are too stupid to organize themselves to save it. Don't resist the NWO. Embrace it. If you cant beat them, join them. Democracy is doomed. Adapt to this fact, or die.

          GJL, Abbotsford BC

          The quotation forced into Rothschild's mouth is a brazen fake. No quoted source is ever given. Is he supposedly being quoted from a book he wrote, a pamphlet he published, a speech he gave, a casual remark he made at dinner - or what? Where did Rothschild supposedly say these words - at home, at the club? To whom did he utter these supposed words?

          Leonski, Carlsbad

          Right you are. More nonsense has been written about the Rothschilds than nearly any other family....ever. However, they ARE Jewish as irrelevant as that really is. As for the quote? True or not, the curren Fed sure makes use of it. In the coming Presidential Election, without regard to WHO gets elected, will it make any difference? Will the debt go down? OR, as is more likely, the Fed will continue to create FIAT money at the same alarming rate.

          bobw, winnipeg

          I think you're all right wing Anti-Semetic nut jobs.

          And don't go around using Ralph Nader's name in vain while you're spouting this garbage

          As for the rare voices of reason on this blog- don't even bother with these people- you can't reconnect them with reality- they're too far gone.


          The Creature from Jekyll Island takes that quote from:

          Robert L. Owen, "National Economy and the Banking System" (United States Govt. print. off., 1939) p.99

          Robert L. Owen was a U.S. Senator who co-sponsored the Federal Reserve Act, and a former Chairman for the Committee on Banking and Currency.

          That publication doesn't attribute any source for the quote, just a name and year (Mayer Anselm Rothschild, 1790.)

 is the quoted page.

          Anonymous, t.o. ca

          I believe in the endoctrine of the nation of the people governed for the people and by the people. We the People of The United States hereby stand forth and declare the abiding rights of every man and women, regardless of race, color, creed, sexual preference or religion, that each each individual shall be promised the same outcomes and livelihoods as all of those around them. To state forth is to give equal opportunity to everyone who lives in this country and allow for the breeding grounds of civility and human rights as in the humanity for others.

          STEPHEN, JHB

          To just say the Rothchilds are not Jews is incorrect. They are religiously Jews. To say they are not Hebrews perhaps is another thing .

          A. Freeman, Sovereign State

          While I agree with the quote as being 100% true, Mayer & his money changer descendants (who have no religion other than gold, corruption & greed, but who invented & use the propaganda of anti-semitism as a scapegoat to hide behind) have infiltrated every nation of the globe & implemented a central bank in all but a handful of countries. In these nations they control the money, economies, politics & therefore the world… but only as long as people choose to play their game & accept their monopoly money. The choice to stop is ours at any time, the only hinderance is the massive brainwashing & lack of education of the masses. As long as they choose to believe the TV, which is owned & controlled by these same men, there is no hope for the multitudes. They shall be forever enslaved, thinking they are free men.

          Deniz Orsel, Amsterdam

          Bitcoin will guarantee us our freedom and our lives in the future. We will break the rules set by the delusional fiat currency!

          Anonymous, Albuquerque will rise!

          I think we'd all do the same thing in that position with that much money, power, and freedom (think about it..) and we'd all call that person a Jew regardless, because that is the definition of one, because is no other, making it divine as their near deathstiny.

          Anonymous, Pittsburg, UGANDA 1947

          Currency Reset. Gold standard. Arrest the Zionist Administrative Jews. Implement (Zionist suppressed) renewable energy infrastructure and photonic (zionist suppressed) network. Go back to your home countries, live on without Zionist oppression and slavery.

          (sodium fluoride is the by-product of aluminum, -ALCOA inc.)

          Miggletorian Fubblestwort, England

          Whether Mayer Amschel Bauer actually said this is irrelevant, it is true and the mechanism of it is obvious to me anyone who can hold a thought for more than three seconds..

          Those with money and power, coupled with the will to do whatever it takes to continue to accrue more, will do so until stopped.

          As stopping them requires more effort, the bigger they get and because the people aren't bothered as long as they get their beer, their 'Just Over Broke' incomes and their TV etc, then they will sheepishly follow and do nothing but comply.

          If you follow it to it's logical conclusion, the NWO, whether such a specific organisation exists or not, will arrive at a point where we must do anything they want, forever, or be killed.

          And what good would that be? Well think of it as a giant machine that never argues, or has a bad day, but continues to give you anything you want, forever. You change your mind today and feel like rape? "Fine, go ahead, there is nobody to stop you anymore - we got rid of any law applying to us years ago!" You want that guy's house, or the painting he just did? Perhaps his daughter? Or his son? Yours. Need some software written, or a machine made? Done. Someone annoyed you? Kill him! Your wish is their command my lord, you are all-powerful and all shall bow before you. Do you really think they DON'T want that?

          Perhaps now people can start to rise above silly arguments as to whether the winning players in this game have a religious, or even political affiliation, because they don't. All they want is for you and I and our descendants to work for them completely and in perpetuity as slaves to their demands - passive and non-disruptive.

          L'Monk, Convent

          Words that may be against the so called Jews are NOT anti-semitic, because they are NOT descendants of Shem. They are descendants of Japheth through Ashkenaz. They are NOT Abrahamic, Jacobean, or Israelites. They are Khazars of Turkothean Mongoloid race.who converted to Judaism (Babylonian Talmudic faith or Phariseean Talmudic Doctrine) in the 7th cent. under the reign of King Kagan Bulan. They came from Central Asia and crossed the Volga river and settled in Eastern Europe in a region that was once known as Khazarian Empire.

          L'Monk, Convent

          If we could only get rid of the Federal Reserve and transfer its powers to the US Treasury, that would be definitely a move in the right direction. We can get rid of the personal income tax and the IRS. But before we can do that, the public must be prepared to stack up on Gold and Silver and the Fiat paper currency and other life-essential commodities. Why? Because currency is the lifeblood of the economy; the public must continue to have faith in it and keep it circulating. Your Gold and Silver and other life-essential commodities are your "reserve" or savings. You can bet the money changers will fight back and will try to destroy the dollar and the economy. But note, devaluation of the dollar is just a state of mind: to start with, it's just paper and no real value and no gold/silver backing, the only thing it has is the public's trust in it. Remember, President Lincoln printed his own "green back" fiat currency (with no reserve backing) during the Civil War and it worked for a long time until the Federal Reserve got into power and destroyed it.

          Steve Urkel, Little-Rock AK

          Fear not the P.M.A.B.J. (Possibly Mongoloid Asian Banker Jews)

          Fear the S.Q.U.I.D. !

          Secret spies are NOW taking apart the platters of our hard disks and scanning them with S.Q.U.I.D(s).

          (Super-conducting QUantum Interference Detectors! )

          V. Poutin added... Quote: "Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha..."

          Dave Beaulieu, Lake Geneva, WI

          There is a Metro Goldwyn Mayer movie from 1934 you can find on Youtube titled House of Rothschild. This paints a rather glorified picture of them but if you watch the part when Nathan Rothschild sent scouts out to see who was winning the last Napoleonic war he knew a full day in advance that England was losing so he stood on the trading room floor and said "sell" which created a panic! He coerced them to believe that England was losing and in doing so everything plummeted and Rothschild bought it all back up at a fraction of its worth and bankrupted England. It has been a family practice to bankrupt nations through the lending of money and manipulation of war. They control nations, including and especially the United States via the Federal Reserve Bank! Woodrow Wilson sold out the American people in 1913 by allowing both the Federal Reserve Act to be unconstitutionally passed and also making permanent the "slave" or income tax! Since then, the Federal Government answers to these criminal elites who control the money supply which is why our elected government is unable to operate properly.

          T Shield, Melbourne

          Anonymous here says the Rothschilds are in no way jewish. Maybe he should have a look at the Balfour Declaration written in 1917 to Walter Rothschild about setting up a Jewish State in Palestine. They are definitely jewish with a hell of a lot of control on the world stage.

          Stefan Misic, Prelog

          Reading all thous comments I come to the conclusion that most Americans aren't smart as they perceive to be.

          Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA

          Too bad people don't understand the nature and roots of "real money"

          Directly from the US Constitution-- " state shall make anything but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt..." Last time I checked, there has never been an amendment which changes the body of the document to remove or alter that clause.. But then, too, who really cares what the constitution says?

          That being the case, is it too difficult to understand why the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 transferred the constitutional power " coin money and regulate the value thereof...", from Congress... to a privately owned Central Bank, with the authority to issue 10X the amount of notes as there were gold reserves with which to redeem those same notes?

          And how did FDR and Congress manage to bail out that Central Bank in 1933, by forcing the people to "sell" their constitutional gold money to the Central Bank at $20/oz, and then immediately turn around and reregulate the value of that gold money to $35/oz--robbing the people of 75% of their liquid wealth???

          "Rothschild" is always pointed to as the villain in the discussion of banking. The real villains are the Congress members who allowed (and continue to allow) for a privately owned Central Bank to control the money supply.

          [Their] being disciples of Keynes, along with FDR, the scintillating idea that the economy could be artificially forced to expand was the beginning of the end of "real money"... and any real prosperity of the people. I can hear them Congress peeps, now: "Don't you know that we can borrow and spend our way into prosperity? Let the peeps eat cake."

          Then, with the advent of Nixon being bought off by the "money powers" for his instituting a "floating dollar" (closing the gold window and eliminating the gold redeemable Fed Reserve Note), in 1971, and the Monetary Control Act of 1980 (and others), the debt-backed "dollar" represented by the FED note we now covet, is the result.

 we have a $20 Trillion national debt; and that ain't never gonna get anywhere close to lower. Funny how the FED gets to issue taxpayer-debt backed notes (and now, ANY debt instrument is fair game--mortgage backed securities ring any bells?) but only in the amount of the principal--yet the interest??? NO WAY, JOSE !

          That interest has to come from somewhere. Got any ideas?

          Inflation (devaluation of the "dollar") is the hidden tax which robs the people of their wealth. Income taxes just pay the interest--they don't pay the principle.

          Wake up and smell the reality. There are only two ways to correct the situation:

          1) Just let everything fold and wash out the system
          2) Just keep adding zeros to the debt, which has already reduced the real value of the "dollar" by 98% since the system got started in 1913.

          Which scenario would YOU choose... if you owned the world... and wanted to keep the people working and eating and not out roamin' around lookin' to cut your freaking throat???

          But then, what happens when the FED won't refinance all that debt... and the notes come due? Take a guess. Go ahead.

          Bruce Ballard, Shingletown, CA

          BTW: I should add this--

          Many people spout the nonsense that the Federal Reserve prints (manufactures) money out of thin air (out of nothing.)

          The fact is, the Fed ISSUES Fed Reserve Bank Notes (the Bureau of Engraving, of the Treasury, actually prints the Fed Notes for circulation) which represent the debt instruments legally appropriated by Congress and transferred via the US Treasury to the FED for backing the FED's issuance of "money".

          The bonded debt transferred backs the issuance, and the US taxpayer backs the bonded debt. Of course, there are other debt instrument involved in makin' money; but I ain't going into that, here.

          Here's another clue to the scam: There are approximately $1.5T in circulating Fed Notes (dollar bills and coin) as I write in 2017. If the US Debt (bonded, that is) totals $20T... how do you pay off $20T in debt with $1.5T dollars??? Ya don't!

          Another tidbit: People say the FED has never been audited. Technically, that is pretty much true. However...the FED issues a balance sheet weekly called the H.4.1 Release... and it can be D/Led from the St. Louis Bank anytime you'd like to see it. And, if you're so inclined, you can save them all the way into eternity and do the comparisons every week in order to verify just how screwed we really are.

          And one more tidbit: If, in some alternate reality, we were to miraculously find $20T in Fed Notes just floating around, we grabbed them and we paid off the $20T debt, what do you think happens to the Fed Notes? They are "retired" and destroyed... since the "debt" that was backing them has been retired.


          Well, it's like this: in a debt-backed monetary system, like the one we have... NO DEBT=NO MONEY!

          You can thank "our savior", FDR, for his accommodations of the bankrupt Federal Reserve Bank System, back in 1933, and Ol' Woody Wilson for signing off on the Federal Reserve Act back in 1913.

          Gotta love them COMMIES...

          Good luck--

          Walter D. Burnett, Wenatchee, WA.

          Brian D. Pickett, perhaps some extensive world history background instruction, might help you to view the truth of others historical pasts. Rothschild's were never Jews of Hebrew genetic lineage. They in fact had their origins from an ancient kingdom of Khazaria, set between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea. in the northern area of what is now the country of Georgia. The kingdom extended into what is southern Russia also. I won't continue, as you should be able to 'link' up any sites online yourself. Just type in The Complete History of the House of Rothschild. G'day

          Sukh, Singh
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          Sukh, Singh Walter D. Burnett, Wenatchee, WA. 7/19/19

          Nailed it Sir. Great direction given.

          F16JetJock, Sacramento
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          F16JetJock, Sacramento Sukh, Singh 9/24/19

          Yes indeed, nailed it, Walter. Let the Truth set one free!
          Also read the documentary tome "The Thirteenth Tribe" by Arthur Koestler (a proud truth-seeking Khazar who despises the Khazarian faux-Shemites of Zionism) to corroborate this truth.

          Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

          Give me control of the nations laws and you can keep your root of all evil, it should make good toilet paper, all the good it will do you.


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