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Bruce L. Meredith, Perth W. AustraliaBruce L. Meredith, Perth W. Australia
Bruce L. Meredith, Perth W. Australia

Few things in life to anyone are an absolute in and of themselves, however when it comes to "freedom" it is certain to be the highest birthright and the way a person should be able to live in mind, body and soul. Freedom is not to be seen as a privilege for privileges can be taken away. Freedom is the very basis of what makes any nation, community and family feel safe and secure, what and how these are to be perceived by others. "Freedom" should be the first thing that anyone and everyone should fight for, and the very last thing to let go, to give up without a fight! Because without "freedom" we are as animals of a farm and lambs to a possible slaughter, at the mercy of those who would like to dictate and control that freedom..! Always and above all things we must maintain the rage against any and all who would seek to remove this one basic right that we should all be able to enjoy. Inasmuch we must guard at all times against the possibility of freedom being slowing removed treating this possibility as a cancerous growth removing any threat against freedom to prevent any suffering or ills being thrust upon others no matter their race, country or religion. If not we may have to face a much larger challenge as we may become the next to succumb to a loss of that "absolute" basic birthright known as freedom.

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