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Bryan Moton, Stuart, FloridaBryan Moton, Stuart, Florida
Bryan Moton, Stuart, Florida

I can only imagine the positive impact which would come from a mutual and equal respect for each individual's sovereign rights, rather than the relegation of those rights to a place somewhere below those of the individuals who make up the oppressed masses - workers, "other" ethnicities, "other" genders, the married, the single, the gay ..., and those who make up the privileged classes - government, corporatists, licensed professions. If we believe in equal rights, we must believe that the individuals who make up groups A,B and C have no greater right to the fruit of the labor of groups D, E and F, than D, E and F have to A, B and C's. The smallest and least recognized minority is the individual. When government imposes "legal tender" legislation, granting the monopoly privilege of the printing of currency to a single entity, that is a violation of the equal rights of all other individuals.

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