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“Sovereignty inheres in the right to issue money. And the American sovereignty belongs by right to the people, and their representatives in Congress have the right to issue money and to determine the value thereof. And 120 million, 120 million suckers have lamentably failed to insist on the observation of this quite decided law. ... Now the point at which embezzlement of the nation's funds on the part of her officers becomes treason can probably be decided only by jurists, and not by hand-picked judges who support illegality.”

Ezra PoundEzra Pound
~ Ezra Pound

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AL, DC    2/5/09

Beliefs such as these are what got him locked up in St. E's...

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Anon    2/5/09

The people have the power to call for Grand Juries without any authority from government to do so. But because these juries and trial juries have become ignorant of their true duties they have become rubber stamps for the judicial system. Government has the power in America because people have lost it to them out of ignorance. Ignorance is Americas' greatest enemy.

jim k, austin

Perhaps the biggest scam in our history was when owning gold was declared illegal and the sheeple traded their gold for paper.Thanks to FDR and shame on the people for allowing this.

Mike, Norwalk

The 3 branches of government are corrupt to biblical proportions. I've heard it said, is what we need is not another 1787, what we need is another 1776. The courts have decided that all bodies government have inherent right alien to We The People. I have, in this forum, shown multiple cases that show court decisions declaring that, that body politic - policing and or otherwise - which now infects this country, have NO, liability, obligation, or duty to serve or protect the once sovereign but, only the alien State. I don't believe Anon above was a reader of this blog the last time I told of an associate that had 2 grand juries turn down his case only to be sent to trial with no grad jury ever hearing his case but, Anon is correct. I do believe that not just the legislature, but the executive and judicial, along with their cronies - the media should be tried for treason by We The People outside the alien despots supposed jurisdiction (with a strict and original interpretation of the Republic's Constitution and its intent.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Mike from Norwalk always says that each of us are a sovereign, sooo why don't we each issue our own money. Otherwise I don't know what Ezra is talking about, maybe he should have stayed with poetry.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, in sovereign self governance, we do issue our own money. The individual barters with property he possesses and exchanges labor for that which he decides is of equal value. When each sovereign unites with other sovereigns, they choose, through their representatives, a medium of exchange (Article I, Section 10, Constitution) that is acceptable to all. (after all, you can't use my labors as your money - hmm maybe you're a collectivist and think you can, nope, lawfully you can not and its impractical).

Bryan Moton, Stuart, Florida

I can only imagine the positive impact which would come from a mutual and equal respect for each individual's sovereign rights, rather than the relegation of those rights to a place somewhere below those of the individuals who make up the oppressed masses - workers, "other" ethnicities, "other" genders, the married, the single, the gay ..., and those who make up the privileged classes - government, corporatists, licensed professions. If we believe in equal rights, we must believe that the individuals who make up groups A,B and C have no greater right to the fruit of the labor of groups D, E and F, than D, E and F have to A, B and C's. The smallest and least recognized minority is the individual. When government imposes "legal tender" legislation, granting the monopoly privilege of the printing of currency to a single entity, that is a violation of the equal rights of all other individuals.

E Archer, NYC

Hey, Bryan, it's "A Brave New World", eh? ;-) Waffler, you almost have it -- YES, we as individual sovereigns DO issue our own money -- it's called a promise to pay, IOU, or promissory note. In fact it IS because we are sovereign individuals who ARE TAKEN AT THEIR WORD with their signature, their 'promise' to keep their word to pay all debts promised. When we go to a bank, we sign an agreement (i.e. make a promise) to honor the obligations of the promissory note. We promise to pay $1000 according to the terms of the agreement in exchange for a promissory note that other merchants have agreed to accept in lieu of cash (i.e. real money). The money that we 'borrow' does not actually exist -- our promise to pay becomes 'monetized' and that $1000 springs into existence as soon as we promise to pay it. The problem is that there is no more 'real' money in circulation, only trillions of 'dollars' worth of promises. The government is requesting to monetize its promise to pay $1 Trillion dollars back one day -- of course, they could simply print up government script interest-free, BUT the game is run by the central bank that has the monopoly for monetizing the promises of Congress and WE pay for it with the interest payments. If anyone of us were in debt 1 million dollars, would the solution then be to borrow another million? Who would be stupid enough to lend it to them? If millions of Americans have declared bankruptcy because they borrowed more than they could pay back, what makes us think that Congress can avoid the same mistake? Wake up!!!!

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, well said, there are many ways and means by which the sovereign makes or issues money.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Mike why do write ass backwards, do you talk that way. You say bodies government instead of government bodies, what is that all about. You say "inherent right alien" do you mean "inherent alien rights" and what is that all about. Do you really mean "inalienable rights". What are alien rights in your opinion.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, lol. I guess old legalese and poetry classes die hard. I mean that the current governments (local to nationalist) are more alien to the individual sovereign than the king was to the colonists. The de facto alien's supreme court, starting with Warren, have ruled that there is no longer a government on this land that is of, by, and for the people. The new USA (Union of Socialist Amerika) allows its slaves and helots to select those that will represent the foreign despot and other task masters as may exist. It is extreeeeemely obvious that said governments are only restrained by the Republic's Constitution when it suits their purpose. All of those with a slave heart and mind can't imagine an existence without such leaders that know more than they and mandate the box that they so intellectually, emotionally, and in all ways cherish. (sort of a hurt me, beat me, I'll be better and do as you say and support you in all your tyrannical endeavors)

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

Pound should have stuck to poetry and forgot out monetary matters. He wrote about "issuing money" but the term "issue" is not found is the Constitution. All who say Congress should issue money are just wanting to change our masters rather than to end our slavery.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Thanks Mike, now go forth and write so we may understand what you are trying to say. Your last post above I still think is a bit helter skelter obfuscation and confusion. I truly am sorry.

Mark W, Aurora, CO

Aw, c'mon, Waff...
You twisted lefties could suss, if you wanted; funny, how lefty on one hand brags of esteem attained by higher education, then wants to cry, "illiteracy" when confronted with unusual Patriotic lexicon - AS THOUGH OUR CONSTITUTION IS GREEK TO YOU, which I lament - it is, to anti-American dems clamouring for social fascism.


Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, just another point in fact (among the many I've here written). The U.S.A. has declare bankruptcy more than once. The 1933 bankruptcy has never been resolved with the creditors implementing corporations to hold and control their interests. That is but one reason why all the State Governments are incorporated - along with their courts. Such courts do not represent or have authority over individual sovereigns but rather, corporate chattel only. Of course, the occupying statist theocracy infesting this land enforces its slavery through a facade of de jure constitutional semblance. Again, A man is no less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. (Lysander Spooner) The local standing army(s) (police) by Corporate Supreme Court Order have no liability or responsibility to individual sovereigns but to protect government property only. Courts consider each and every, any and all corporate chattel until such person can absolutely prove otherwise in a prescribed manner.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, Mike, the USA is still bankrupt and in receivership to the Federal Reserve Bank (a private central bank). All the gold was seized as collateral, and the currency switched from gold-backed to IOU-backed (with interest due). As a result, income taxes were required by the Fed to guarantee the interest on the government's debt. NO effort has been made to end the bankruptcy -- in fact, today's USA's debt is more than the entire money supply!!

But here's the thing that Mike touched upon that gets very little attention: the incorporation of the states into corporate entities governed by commercial statutes. The sovereign state 'New York State' has been incorporated as 'The State of New York' and California Republic incorporated as 'The State of California'. These corporate states are now subject -- not sovereign -- to the corporation 'United States.'

Lawyers have facilitated this redefinition of the law to suit themselves and place them at the top of the power pyramid. Statist theocracy indeed. This is fascism pure and simple.


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