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DSK, Falls Church VA

Coercion and threats by 1 man or 100 men upon 1 man or 100 men are no less pernicious and criminal in nature.

DSK, Falls Church VA

There is no refining murder. You cannot civilize rape. Theft is never in need of new shoes or a fancy hat to make it acceptable. There is no way to reform an institution whose very function and nature is to violate the rights of men, it must therefore be abolished.

DSK, Falls Church VA

I wonder if Dougmcr8 thinks that Securitas (one of the largest providers of private security in the world) ought to have the authority to rob men at gun point to force them to pay for their protections. Or if he thinks those who fall victim to mafia protection money schemes are implicitly consenting... Lysander Spooner may have been off in his economic analysis in many ways, but this does not invalidate any of his major contributions to individualist thought.

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