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Dave 10s, Hamilton, NJDave 10s, Hamilton, NJ
Dave 10s, Hamilton, NJ

Experience shows that most people are NEITHER selfish and intolerant NOR helpless children. That is a perception exploited by libertine socialists for an illiberal purpose. Democrats hijacked liberalism, first voiced by Republican Theodore Roosevelt in the 1904 election, and have entered into a larcenous covenant with their clientele of dependents. Liberalism is not supposed to be socialism, but the liberalism of the Democratic Party has morphed into socialism, which anoints superior people to minister to lesser people. Eighty years of liberal policies have gained us only a growing population of dependents, and increasing abuse by both benefactor and beneficiary. Such a covenant demonstrates that the Party's claim to liberalism is false, destructive of both citizen and nation. It demonstrates the truth of Aristotle's observation that inequality results when trying to "make things equal".

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