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David Macfarlane, Pinellas ParkDavid Macfarlane, Pinellas Park
David Macfarlane, Pinellas Park

This quote is true but it needs explanation. For a government to pass laws to do something for the people that the people would not have the authority to do themselves is one form of injustice. To pass laws that deprive men of their well earned wealth is to make legal for the government what they would prosecute the people for doing themselves... So, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor is not noble in fact they represent more the Usurping King from the story than they do the hero, Robin Hood. There is another kind of injustice that results from putting a large portion of the population in jail for minor offenses while at the same time allowing major offenders to get off with almost no punishment. We have been all been robbed of justice.

David Macfarlane, Pinellas Park

I'd like that... maybe if people would read it we would be better off.

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