William E. GladstoneWilliam E. Gladstone, (1809-1898) Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

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“National injustice is the surest road to national downfall.”

William E. GladstoneWilliam E. Gladstone
~ William E. Gladstone

Speech, Plumstead (30 November 1878) as quoted in Congressional Record, vol. 57, p. 4503.

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Mike, Norwalk

When you subsidize anything, it generally flourishes. Subsidize poverty and immorality and they grow. Subsidize the national injustice(s) of the fascist theocracy now terrorizing this nation and, you will find the surest road to this nation's downfall.

cal, lewisville, tx

You are so right Mike! It began with FDR because everyone then began to want something for nothing as my dad from the drepression told me. LBJ put the icing on FDR's cake with the "Great Society" which brought us to todays "Animal Farm" and "1984" by George Orwell.

jim k, austin

...and this nation of the bureaucrats, by the bureaucrats, and for the bureaucrats, will not perish from this earth, but will surely become a third world socialist country if we don't get busy and take it back.

Waffler, Smith

Iran should as a nation read this quote today. A national injustice today maybe the health care system, one issue pointed out yesterday is that people on Medicare must be treated the same way or with the same benefits throughout the country but and I repeat but the bills now being considered in Congress do not require that children will receive the same benefits throughout the country. Now whether one is for against public interest or p-ublic laws concerning health care I believe in fairness this stance toward children would be a national injustice.

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RBESRQ    6/25/09

Yes, we seem to be getting closer to these prophetic words. Waffler, I agree, but there is currently a program for kids - I think if your income is less than a percentage of the poverty level. I think the program is called Healthy Kids. I wrote a long letter to the AMA and Obama with my idea for a universal health plan - who knows I may be asked to visit DC. The sooner we take this equation away from greedy corporations the better. And please. you bleeding who ever, don't tell me the country will go bankrupt. Did you know that 35% of all procedures carried out are unnecessary and 20 percent of all hospital charges are caused by the hospital, and that 15 percent of all charges to Insurance companies are fraudulent, and that doctors (not all) bill for services not performed - under Medicare you are blacklisted if you are caught? Did you know that many deaths in the US could be avoided if procedures that were needed were not either held up or denied by insurance companies? Did you know the US has one of the worst mortality records in the western world? Its amazing, if you don’t have health insurance a visit to the ER could cost you $5k but if you have insurance the charge would be about $2k So, if you are poor and unable to afford the extortionate insurance premiums you have $5k charge but if you have insurance but had to pay the full amount it would only cost you$2k Now you tell me where the ethics is in this scenario. If we had a controlled system and I have written how that could be possible we could cut our healthcare cost in half while providing health insurance for everyone including illegal aliens. We should revert back to the DRG (Diagnostic Related Groups) system of paying for procedures and let hospitals pay for the infections they cause. Even the system in place to monitor hospitals is corrupt. There is so much wrong with the current system and how providers are reimbursed (a National Injustice) that any change would be an improvement. How about all that money we gave to the banks and that the FR is unable to account for? One of the $7.5 trillion would help.

J Carlton, Calgary

There are almost too many national injustices to count. Get ready for the fall....

David Macfarlane, Pinellas Park

This quote is true but it needs explanation. For a government to pass laws to do something for the people that the people would not have the authority to do themselves is one form of injustice. To pass laws that deprive men of their well earned wealth is to make legal for the government what they would prosecute the people for doing themselves... So, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor is not noble in fact they represent more the Usurping King from the story than they do the hero, Robin Hood. There is another kind of injustice that results from putting a large portion of the population in jail for minor offenses while at the same time allowing major offenders to get off with almost no punishment. We have been all been robbed of justice.


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