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Diana, DecaturDiana, Decatur
Diana, Decatur

It does not really matter who came up with this.
It sounds like the path of our Nation!

From bondage to spiritual faith; = Original settlers.
from spiritual faith to great courage; Our countries Forefathers.

from courage to liberty; The freedom that our people have enjoyed for over 150 years.

from liberty to abundance; The prosperity we have enjoyed since WWII.

from abundance to selfishness; The me generations.(60s to 90s).

from selfishness to complacency; The "Long as it doesn't effect me, I don't care." generation.

from complaceny to apathy; The 'Who's going to take care of me? I don't have (want) a job generation.

from apathy to dependence; The rich have to pay, they shouldn't have all the money. I need someone to help raise MY children, because I have 15 and I can't.

from dependency back again into bondage."
We're really close to this. Provide my healthcare; my food; my job; etc. etc. etc.......

Diana, Decatur

Waffler says; 'There is only about 500 billion of currency in existence. If the people or the government could just print money then the government nor the people would be in debt.' This reminds me of my daughter when she was a child, asking me "If you don't have the money why can't you just write a check?". Or the famous "I can't be out of money, I have checks left!". Plain math to me: $16 Trillion our country owes and ONLY $500 billion DOLLARS? Somehow this does make any sense at all. (Oh yeah, TAX THE RICH!)

Diana, Decatur

What amazes me is the date of the quote, before the formation of our current government body. Seems what is happening in this century (2000) has already occurred and if that lifestyle was so great, why did so many people flee from their countries to here and why did the forefathers of our country even bother to pen the Constitution to prevent this in the United States?!?!!

Diana, Decatur

Oh, and unscalable mountains of debt YOU remain responsible. That's it. -- Mann, Kalamazoo What about the people that run up debt ie;house, cars, etc... and then walk away without paying? That makes ALL citizens working and playing by the 'rules' responsible! Public assistance from Government is slavery. It is very hard to get off of it, because it pays more to remain on the welfare roles than working at a low paying job and trying to work your way up out of that hole.

Diana, Decatur

As for DanielVincentKelley's comments, the reason he doesn't want to be considered "ALL CREATED EQUAL" because "not everybody arrived to America on the same terms", is it removes the victim syndrome. An individual would be responsible for themselves and not be able to BLAME someone or something for their failures or reasons for not trying to change.

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