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Donald Frump, New YorkDonald Frump, New York
Donald Frump, New York

To CCP Patriot in Red Deer, the Americans and British dont fuck you around nearly as much as they Fuck their taxpaying citizens. US taxpayers are squeezed for the following and more: 1. Pay for most of military defense budget of the free world, we PAY 2. For the Pharmaceutical research to make drugs/therapies that only the raped US citizens pay full price for (you buy for a fraction of what I do) 3. US taxpayer pays to support 20% of the population which is either too useless, stupid or lazy to work, or they have gamed the system and work off the books and collect from a myriad of taxpayer funded gravy trains, 4. We maintain 2 Million prisoners and make the taxpayer pay for their free lawyers, health education and welfare. Including $1 Million in heart transplants (YES ITS TRUE). 40% should be let go and allowed to take their drugs, and kill themselves if they want to, and if they commit crime against anyone because of it just execute them, why do the innocent have to pay? It just does not make sense nor is it sustainable for much longer. 5 The US government Tyrannizes its own citizens far more than you! You are lucky to still have most of your taxes come back to YOU in benefits and programs -- to the middle class that paid them.

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