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Let it be clear -- the police are not and have never been there to protect us -- they cannot. They can be called upon after a crime has occurred, but their purpose has never been to protect homes from burglars -- it is the individual who is responsible for protecting his/her family and property. Taking guns away from the people is merely more centralization of power into the hands of a few. Don't fall for the lie -- we are responsible for our own security. The answer is not more government control! The people in government cannot be trusted any more than the crack addict -- let us stop believing in the infallibility and beneficence of authoritarian power. -- E Archer, NYC Quoted from above. An excellent comment. To add to it : In my opinion most of the shooting spree actions have at their source PDH ( Pain Drug Hypnosis) , done by Psychiatrists or Psychopolitical operatives to keep the communities and society on the boil, to create evidence needed to force social manipulations. See The manual of Psychopolitics and Brainwashing www.lawfulpath.com

Edward Ross-Adams

The sad truth is that many laws and many parts of the legal systems of the world have been infiltrated and perverted from the fundamental basis of law , to serve selected vested interest groups. By this means violence is implemented against innocent peoples. The hallmark of the belief that "Man is an animal" which is pushed by the socialist, Marxist, Maoist communists is exactly the covert use of law and perversions of law to implement the violence of their ideas to encourage people to place CHAINS on their own wrists, while they are enroute to the slaughter pens. When it comes to Judges, Magistrates and courts, it is easy to malign them, but the real treasures are when one is found who cannot be bought, even at risk to his or her life. The real enemy is the psychopolitical operator and his use of Psychiatry and their masters in eliminating freedom and justice.

Edward Ross-Adams

The joke , if one can call such stoooopidity a joke, is that they ( Obama and his socialistic marxist gang) pretend to be as pure as driven snow in their own goodness and intentions, all the while their entire game is the game of covertly, deviously and with malice aforethought implementing violence on every person or contact or citizen. MALEVOLENT INTENT. I like the following quote, it applies to them: Beware of those who would use violence, too often it is violence they want and neither truth nor freedom. Louis Lamour (1908-1988) American author Source: The Walking Drum, 1984

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