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Eric, Wichita and AtlantaEric, Wichita and Atlanta
Eric, Wichita and Atlanta

Robert - I daresay that you do not possess arms. Had the ruling gone the other way, I can tell you that armed resistance to the Government would be a probable outcome. If you want to change the Constitution, then amend it. If you cannot get the support to get it amended, then live with it the way some of us have to live with the rights of others. Look up the term "This We'll Defend." We is the People, and we means business!

Eric, Wichita and Atlanta

Fellow Americans, 100 years from now we will be thankful that such a man leading such a court was on duty. We may not have the best leadership on any given Wednesday, but the foundations of the Republic endure. This is a very big deal, and those that do not recognize it are either dullards or cowards. We have a thing called Freedom, and we best be willing and able to defend it. It comes not from our Government, but from God or Nature or whatever you believe. A great day for our Republic indeed.

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