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Formosa Philistine, KalamazooFormosa Philistine, Kalamazoo
Formosa Philistine, Kalamazoo

The last time I heard Mary Ruwart speak was on a Friday night in Kalamazoo at the old Trophy Room. Back then Mary thought prescription tranquilizers and pain killers should be declassified so you could buy them over the counter without a lot of hassle. Mary also talked in length about a model society based on her astral trips to the planet Venus. There, where there were absolutely no restrictions placed on society whatsoever, where such technicalities like minimum wage, equal opportunity employers and drunk driving laws were non-existent she also got in touch with her inner lesbian side. In Marys own words it was the pleasure to be. Whatever, everyone thought she was crazy; or brain damaged or high out of her gourd on some kind of extra terrestrial weed. After all these years its comforting to know some things never change including Marys multiple personalities coupled with bouts of depression and schizophrenia, Marys lunacy makes the rest of us very normal and ordinary. Thanks loads doll.

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