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GNR, Seattle, WA

Our Constitution was designed to protect us against tyrants. This power-packed quote supports that. The government should be afraid of the People. But isn't that why the Patriot Act was instituted? Isn't that why the government and misinformed people want gun control? They are scared of law-abiding citizens owning guns. What about government extortion to force sovereign states to abide by Federal regulations? It doesn't matter to them that we may not want their "Help". They've used fear and ignorance to whittle away our individual rights. I'm sick of people who don't want to pay the price but expect everything given to them by Big Brother. People think they are well-informed because they listen to a half hour of news from the mainstream media. They are being led by the nose to slaughter by the propaganda machine. As a people, we should be OUTRAGED by the acts of our elected officials. I am! Yes VOTE THEM OUT!!!! And start with local, state and then the federal elections. I think that anyone in government should live by the same laws, and be taxed as we do. Maybe we wouldn't have as much corruption then. Here's another idea; anyone on welfare for more than 2 years should not be allowed to vote. That might keep the socialists at bay.

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