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I think that "mike" from NC is probably the biggest moron to ever come out of NC...I guess that is mostly proved in his statement about "our" money? He states conservatism is the source and blame for greed in the world? Liberalism and Communism are ONE AND THE SAME in concept and reality!! By definition is the allocation and re-distribution of assets!! WAKE UP you MORON!! I'm saddened to say that double digit iq people such as him are alive and well, and ALLOWED VOTE!! It's easy for people to be in favor for redistribution, primarily because people like Mike will be the PRIME BENEFACTORS and on the receiving end. Do me a favor, Mike, work your butt off for 6 months of the year, then just walk up to some CRACK ADDICT on the street and give him every dime you've earned, BUT STOP VOTING TO REDISTRIBUTE MINE. I CAN TAKE CARE OF MYSELF, AND OTHERS IF I SO CHOOSE (THAT IS MY DECISION, NOT MY GOVERNMENTS) IF MY LOONY GOVERNMENT WOULD STOP TAKING EVERYTHING THAT I EARN

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