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H Rearden, Bur Ridge ILH Rearden, Bur Ridge IL
H Rearden, Bur Ridge IL

The payroll taxes that enforce our socialism - Social security, unemployment compensation, disability, workman compensation, medicaid etc aggregate to 30% over the "earned amount of a paycheck. To recap, if an employee earns $100.00, the employer pays $130.00 to pay the wages of "$100.00". in addition, the employer is forced to deduct 7.65%, orin our example $7.65, form the $100.00 that the employer thinks they have earned. These are not part of the Federal IncomeTax, which at the lower brackets will be refunded. This private property has been co-opted by the state and is gone forever from the earner before he has even been allowed to touch it or see it in his bank account. Why does the employer have to silently, secretly consign the property to the government ths way? Because if the wage earner were to write a check to turn over all this wealth to the endless needs and wants of those who have figured out how to game the system and extract th maximum benefit with the least amount of contribution,there would be a revolution - The politicians in this country use the economic ignorance of the general populace to further their socialistic agenda. After all , if one assumes that the average American will earn $1,000,000.00 in his or her lifetime - the amount extracted by the government would be $375,000.00. Therefore the earners biggest investment might not be thefamily home, but perhaps in Government,

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