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H Willburger, RenoH Willburger, Reno
H Willburger, Reno

If the state and the church were not married, the state would collapse as it depends on intimidated preachers to stay afloat. Preachers fear loss of tax exemption if they told these facts; very few are subject to income tax, It is not possible to file a truthful return without having definitions for dollar and income and it is impossible to pay taxes with dollar bills that the IRS said "are not dollars" or with credit and the Federal Reserve said their system of unjust weights "works (us) only with credit."
America's intimidated preachers are the world's greatest problem.

H Willburger, Reno

The original Constitution never required us to do anything or forbid us to anything. Was prohibition brought about to see if we would tolerate an amendment that forbid us to do something? If so, they sure found out. Later there were people who wanted an amendment that forbid us to burn flags. If they revive that issue, DON'T BUY IT!

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