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J Carlton, Calgary, CanadaJ Carlton, Calgary, Canada
J Carlton, Calgary, Canada

War is also about Straight Up, Empire Building....like we see happening in the middle east today. Why isn't the cavalry showing up in Myanmar and the Sudan? Oh yeah! No Oil. And Kant has one part right... we are set on self destruct right now. Taking away our rights here at home is NOT how to preserve freedom. What a bunch of Bull THAT is...

J Carlton, Calgary, Canada

Sadly the UN has done a pretty good job of turning the simple minded into socialist sheep (or "blind" patriots) who actually believe their BS. Never has their been a more eloquent, and far seeing document of Liberty than the Constitution of the US. And unless we all want to band together and goose step our way through sovereign nations for "security" purposes we had better get on this Amerifascist thing now! The White House doesn't give a flying F@*k about any of us anymore. Bush/ Tree/ Rope...some assembly required.

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