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J Parker, Biloxi

I have been looking at a lot of the claims mentioned in the article's above, and a lot more, claims that have not been mentioned. I started looking into this several year's ago, when I googled,( federal Reserve ), and clicked on, ( Secrets the Federal Reserve, They Don't want You to Know about ), and I have followed different links since, and it all makes, everything that I could not understand, about the government, of a nation that has some of the most INTELLIGENT, CAPABLE, and EXPERIENCED, minds in the world, make decisions, and law's that go against the majority of its people. As we have had the privilege to look into the past, time has proven these decision's and law's, have in the past , present, and will in the future, destroy the foundation of this country. Has anyone ever wondered, how the same families, or bloodline's, have alway's managed to stay in , ( if not all ), a vast majority, of the most powerful, and influential, position's in the government of a "FREE" country, like the U.S.A. If you look at the very beginning of this Nation, and the start of our "Democracy", as it was intended, there has been a lot of the original founders, with strong,strong, connections to The Rothschild family. These connection's being, blood, through marriage or within the, very Top Tier's, of the business structure's at one of the many Empire's, connected to the Rothschild's financial wealth. It is also very suspicious when we the people, elected a President,not within the circle they had control over, and this President was going to use his executive privilege, to try and abolish the Federal Reserve, both, President's were assasanated, before, caring out such plans. I might have missed something on this, it was a couple of year's ago, what I read, but I think, James Madison, who was know to be completely in good health, had future ambition's, for doing away with the Federal Reserve, and mysteriously died in his sleep,was buried, what was considered very quick for a President of a free country, with out an autopsy being performed, because, of stearn objection's from his wife. At that time it was believed by many close friend's, and associates, she was being influenced, against Her will, to carry out these wish's, as if they were what she wanted. There is information that that states a lot more interesting detail's, that reveals proven facts, along with the proof, like all of the U.S.A. government contracts, all go to certain company's, with tie's to these same family's, and many of the world event's are created, to alarm our citizen's, so the government, actually looks like they are looking out for it's people, when they are, really continuing, to award lucrative Goverment contracts, while these created events are fresh on the citizens minds, that create wealth for the same people, over and over. You would be amazed at what is, and alway's has been going on in our governrment, or if you read and look far enough, you will be scared to death, at the real plane. It is hard to imagine, but when 13 families hold 75-80 % of the total WORLD WEALTH, and are controlling just about everything, that has happened, including every major war, as far back as the early 1700's, all tied to the Rothschild family, which, is the family holding about 90%, of the wealth, out of what the 13 family's hold, and are the same, 13 familie's that own the Federal Reserve, I Believe.

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