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Jefferson, banks of the potomacJefferson, banks of the potomac
Jefferson, banks of the potomac

you guys are right,thanks,we need action. For thirty years I've been saying that America is one big whore,willing to sell itself to the highest bidder. Why invade a country {like America) when you can just buy it?? 300 years my family has been on these shores fighting in the revolutionary wars thru ww2 to preserve our Constitution (which according to bush and his lover derschowitz is just a piece of paper) we aren't going down so easy....I bet if that Constitution were wadded up and shoved down derschowitz's throat and held there until breathing stopped it would regain some importance to that sellout scumbag as well!

Jefferson, banks of the potomac

When the perps of the Bush crime family are held accountable for not only treason but the 1million Iraqi deaths and 7000+ American deaths, the robbery of the treasury as well as the treasonous dismantling of the Constitution, they will hang like their mascot Saddam... their supporters should walk to the gallows with them. We will be killed and gassed in the millions while Cheney and Rumsfeld smirk until our numbers overwhelm and re-establish Constitutional law.

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