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Jen, W Fargo

In addition to my last comment, I would like to say that as a Mother...I look at the world and cry. Imagine being the PARENT of us ALL & seeing how Earth's Children have defiled the Creation, tortured & murdered each other in the NAME of "God." There should be NO enemies within a FAMILY... WE ARE ALL RELATED to each other & ALL of Creation! It is time... choose to LOVE! That which you dislike in others is but a mirror reflecting that which you have kept within your own heart. As you FORGIVE & LOVE THEM, it is REALLY you who receives that forgiveness & Love! Look into your hearts for Peace & Understanding.... May Peace be with & within you! Love, Jen

Jen, W Fargo

I Recently Read in a book called Essential Reiki that Jesus was a reincarnated Buddhist teacher - whom the Buddhists prayed to be reborn, they received "knowledge" of where/when Jesus would be born & they sent the 3 Wise Men to collect Jesus & his family to keep them safe. It says that Jesus & other enlightened ones, refuse to enter Nirvana until all are freed, they spiral through time being reborn as teachers when they are needed most again. I must say that I was shocked by this & have been a Christian all my life. As I look at the similiarities... I see now how this is VERY true. MANY ancient cultures have recorded that time moves in a spiral, history repeats as the "wise ones" return to teach those remaining here. ALL of the "wise ones" who came about 2000 years ago to the 3 Americas, left teachings, instructions, prophecies & vowed to return when these prophecies were completed. ALL prophecies have now come to pass.... everyone seems to be looking for the "wise ones" to be appearing at any moment... Jesus is at the top of the list. Natives say that they are here already incarnated into human bodies, altho no one knows who they are until the time comes for them (apparently as a group, all teaching everywhere) to come out in the open. This makes me wonder... What does Jesus think of all that has happened since the crucifiction? Will all the fighting, killing & arguing IN HIS NAME make Him smile?

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