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Joe, Rochester. MIJoe, Rochester. MI
Joe, Rochester. MI

We need common sense to use the wisdom, but liberal views (socialistic) cloud every possible issue. Like, "...but we must provide welfare for those too lazy to provide for themselves, or they'll die!" They won't die, they'll get jobs.

Joe, Rochester. MI

Agree with the cartel ... get a loan. Disagree with the cartel ... die! It's still in place because of the golden rule ... he who has the gold makes the rules. LOL

Joe, Rochester. MI

Reston, the "war on poverty" is still being paid for with our tax dollars. Abortion should be open and up to the woman to choose, but if she wants one, SHE should pay for it, not our tax dollars. Everything the "government" pays for, you forget, is paid for by the people through taxes. We are supporting the war in Iraq, and every other pork project of congress. To stop ALL these "wars", stop paying taxes. Of course the next war will be by the IRS on you, which you will lose because they have the resources of every other tax payer but your resources are finite.

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