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John S, Gainesville FloridaJohn S, Gainesville Florida
John S, Gainesville Florida

Of the people I know who are homeschooling their kids (many of whom are Christian) none of them are teaching bigotry or narrowmindedness. Rather they are trying to protect their kids from bullying, dangerous schools, etc...until they are old enough and mature enough to handle it. What is funny about those who criticize and fear the religous right is that they forget that it is actually the religious left that believes in using government to inact their faith. The religous right tends to (not always) fear government solutions to social problems. While the religous left tends to favor government solutions.. The religious left believes strongly in welfare (charity), wealth redistribution (Charity), and other entitlement programs because we are all human and should be equal versus individual charity and individual self interest to solve problems. The religious right tends to favor individual giving and charity versus government systems which tend to become permanent entitlements subsidizing lifestyles instead of the helping hand that they were intended to be. They believe that the FEDERAL goverment should let local small governments govern themselves, protect the unborn, and believe strongly in the seperation between church and state....but not to the point that religion is no longer able to be practiced openly. On the abortion issue how long can a society believe that their rights come from God or are Self evident and natural upon a persons creation if the rights of the almost about to be born are considered non-existant. Before long we'll be going backwards where the amount of rights you have are directly porportional to your power and might. I think this trend is already in works when you see how crime agains the ederly and children goes largely unpunished. How politicians and CEOs can steel millions and get no jail time. They even get to keep their pensions. So those of you who fear the religious right need to look around you. The wolves are on all sides.

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