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This quote was a part of Thomas Jefferson's Argument Against the Constitution of the United States of America. Jefferson didnt want the Constitution and when a states internal rebellion arose it became a battle cry for those that believed in the Constitution. Jefferson Didn't. so downplayed the importance of a bloody revolt within a that state.

John, Boston

This is the Democracy our government promotes. No conscience! What happened to our Republic?

John, Boston

Lincoln was dead when Boetcker was born, so he never quoted this. Reagan attributed it to Lincoln because that gave it more weight. For a quote, I prefer "To whom much is given is much required."[Luke 12:49] Employers who make their fortune off the sweat of others owe it to their employees to take care of them. Thanks to people like Jack Welch at GE and companies like Walmart, it seems companies feel no responsibility to their employees. This quote is often attributed to Lincoln. It would be interesting to hear what his opinion would be on companies that provide little or no benefits to their employees while paying millions to their fat @$$ CEO's.

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