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John, Lenoir, NCJohn, Lenoir, NC
John, Lenoir, NC

Hitler is essentially describing today's monetary system in America, and as America's productivity dries up, so will the value of our fiat currency.

John, Lenoir, NC

Hey Dave in Atlanta: is your statement a fact, simply because you stated it, or do you have some idea as to how the posters here are "stupid?" It seems rather obvious to me that you are simply projecting your own miserable shortcoming upon others, just as all collectivist/progressives do.

John, Lenoir, NC

This explains the phenomenon of the "low information voter," of which the vast majority are mindless cattle for the progressive/collectivists, who have no notion whatsoever of self-respect, or respect for anyone else (other than the progressive/collectivist politicians and pundits whom the worship). America is dying from misinformation and propaganda, aimed solely upon propping-up failed policies and despicable, power-driven agendas.

By the way, FoxtardsRevil, Hitler was indeed a socialist. The only difference between his brand and Stalin's was that the Nazis outlawed democratic voting. He felt that both capitalism and democracy were evil, and that only collectivist thought and action (just as all progressives advocate) would properly unite and serve "the state" (again, "the state" was Adolf Hitler himself). In the case of the American brand of collectivism, "the state" is our lords and ladies who rule us (rather than our Constitution) in Washington, DC.

The aim of all socialist states is to concentrate all power to the state (those who dictate their rules and regulations to everyone else), concentrate all citizens' investments and loyalty to the state, and to make everyone (except the elitist rulers) equally miserable. It seems to me that your political gods are well on their way of making this Orwellian dystopian nightmare a reality.

By the way, in the classical sense, you collectivists and progressives are NOT "liberal." You are the exact opposite of what a true liberal is.

John, Lenoir, NC

For all of you collectivist minions who are STILL going on and on about Bush's lies, it is curious to me that you, undoubtedly Obama fans, are not privy to how Obama supposedly campaigned against Bush's policies prior to taking office, but once in, he EMBRACED them to the point that he doubled-down on them.

Here's a quote from your hero, and tell me this isn't words of a tyrant:

"Still, youll hear voices that incessantly warn of government as nothing more than some separate, sinister entity thats the root of all our problems, even as they do their best to gum up the works; or that tyranny always lurks just around the corner. You should reject these voices. Because what they suggest is that our brave, creative, unique experiment in self-rule is just a sham with which we cant be trusted."

This from a man who attended a church that spoke of our government creating the AIDS virus to destroy the Black community, and who essentially attacks other political opinions the same way that opponents of collectivist/progressive policies attack his. We are not "enemies of government," any more than Thomas Jefferson or James Madison were. We are merely opponents of those whose policies are the opposite of "self rule," rather, they propose a government that regulates and controls every aspect of our lives.

Obama is far closer to being an Adolf Hitler than any other president in our history. His "fundamental change" in America is perhaps the only campaign promise that he's keeping. Hitler was a socialist, an enemy of capitalism, and he was all about controlling the people's way of life, for "the good of the state," and for anyone who doesn't know, the "state" was Adolf Hitler. The same applies with Obama, in every possible way.

John, Lenoir, NC

This was mere justification for the murder of those who opposed Hitler's tyranny. Hitler was all about controlling everyone, and what else does one say, other than that he's against division among people. Adolf Hitler was a monster, and anything he says must be viewed from that starting point.

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