Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler, (1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator

Infamous Adolf Hitler Quote

“All propaganda must be so popular and on such an intellectual level, that even the most stupid of those toward whom it is directed will understand it... Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way around, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise.”

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler
~ Adolf Hitler

Mein Kampf, p. 197. 14th Edition.

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Me Again
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    Me Again    7/27/05

    If a people can not differentiate between "Truth" and "propoganda",they will be subject to the lies of the latter.I pray for them.

    Anonymous, Reston, VA US

    A policy that Rove & friends have adapted today... the sad thing is that it still works.

    Robert, Sarasota

    We are obviously still the apes from the caves with a bone in our hand to crush the skull of our friend - nothing much has changed since then...

    Mary, New York

    I would have to agree with "anonymous from VA" that Rove and friends already adopted this format. OS9

    warren, olathe

    True, we are exposed to this type of propaganda today. Listen to Hillary and her carbon copies. The less educated you are the more likely you vote Democrat. Good reason to ruin the educational system. The less money you make the more likely you are to vote Democrat. Good reason to depress the economy thought confiscatory tax policy. It is incredible that we have people that gain power by intentionally making a mess out of everything they touch. At least Adolf thought he was doing what was best for his country. I suppose that made him all the more dangerous though. Great example of how Hitler thought. Great quote.

    Grenville Rogers, Lively, ON. Canada

    I think Adolf Hitler did far more for the good of the people of Germany, than any British Prime Minister, any USA President, any Prime Minister of Canada, and any of the so-called leaders of most other nations. Following the abominable and viciously vindictive Treaty of Versailles, which the glorious 'democracies' imposed upon Germany, leaving that country in tatters, the much-maligned Adolf Hitler, in about five or six years, led Germany to prosperity such that the 'Allies' could not and would not tolerate it. Thus, such 'eminent' persons as Churchill said that Germany must be crushed, even annihilated. The infamous Churchill had previously heaped lavish praise on Hitler for his leadership and accomplishments on behalf of the German people. The world owes much to the German people and their leader, Mr. Adolf Hitler. Our educational (brainwashing) system must be honest in presenting history to our people, young and old. does as most media, in denigrating even the quotation of Mr. Hitler, by prefacing it with a childish comment "Infamous Adolf Hitler Quote", and to refer to Mr. Hitler as "German Nazi Dictator". This demonstrates your cowardly 'fear of the Jews'. Shame on you. It is long past time for honest assessment of the 'establishment' version of history. Truth needs no laws to protect it. For example, some countries have laws that prosecute and imprison any person who dares to question ANY aspect of the new world religion called "holocaust". Why?? Consider EDUCATION - PURPOSE OF. The purpose of "education" is to encourage people to enquire, to research and investigate every matter, without restriction, to analyze, to think for themselves, to come to their own conclusions, to form their own opinions - AND to disseminate those findings, conclusions and opinions to the world. If, after having investigated a matter and come to his own conclusions and opinions, one is, through fear of retribution, reprisal, ridicule and threats, prohibited from freely expressing those opinions and disseminating those findings, the very purpose of his efforts is thwarted, and he has "NO Freedom of Expression AT ALL" Such is, too often, the case. Why ? TRUTH will stand investigation. TRUTH will welcome investigation. TRUTH will invite investigation. TRUTH has nothing to fear - nothing to hide. LIES have much to fear - all to hide. It is very apparent that, in certain specific matters of history and of science, some people are really and truly afraid of the truth. There is no other reason for their concerted efforts to prevent the dissemination of some findings, and for their determined efforts to suppress freedom of expression of those findings and opinions which vary from those of the 'establishment'. "Freedom of Expression FOR ALL" is under concerted attack. Truth does not need laws to protect it. For example, some countries have laws that prosecute and imprison any person who dares to question ANY aspect of the new world religion called "holocaust". Why?? At the urging of, and under pressure from B'nai B'rith, the US State Department established the "Office of Global Antisemitism', to monitor, at taxpayer expense, incidents anywhere in the world, deemed by ? to be antisemitism . The State Department has now declared the Christian New Testament to be Hate literature and to be classic antisemitic. Preaching of the Gospel will soon be forbidden. Make no mistake, "Freedom of Expression FOR ALL" may soon be a relic of history.

    jim k, austin,tx

    Warren, Olathe, hit the nail on the head. The Clintons are masters of the lie and why anyone would support Hillary is beyond me. To tell if she is lying, just see if her lips are moving.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Yesterday's propoganda is today's public relations. I see this in the number of people I meet who claim we are doing fine because they have it so rough "over there". The way things are going we'll be doing just as well as "they" are soon enough. We need a return to sound money and sound government.

    Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

    Hitler was just like PT Barnum recognizing the foolishness of people. As far as propaganda the right wing is the best at it. They changed Estate Tax to Death Tax so that the dumbest can relate to the issue even if not understanding it at all. Some fall for he propaganda that the "Income Tax is voluntary" or "The US is a republic not a democracy" etcetera. The propaganda that "I'll cut your taxes and then sell the government into 10 trillion or is it now 11 trillion of debt and bankruptcy". If you let one of these lies fester we will go down a slippery slope just like the German people did. Keep 'em honest.

    Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

    Mr. Rogers you are failing to remember that Hitler and the Nazi's burned all the books of knowledge and killed all the intellectuals. I mean talk about propaganda and thought control. They really got you pal.

    E Archer, NYC

    Rarely do we realize how much our opinions have been broadcast to us. We always think it is the other guy who has been 'brainwashed' while we put on our suit and tie (or uniform) and head off to our 'jobs.' Turn off the TV and stop reading newspapers for a year, and suddenly everything is fine. After you break that addiction, CNN, FOX, NBC, CBS, ABC, etc. will seem like the Disney Channel. Think your own thoughts -- if you can.

    Joe, North Caldwell, NJ

    "The State Department has now declared the Christian New Testament to be Hate literature." Wow! Prove that, please. As a matter of fact, prove ANY of the allegations you make in your long, scary antisemitic diatribe, Mr. Rogers.

    Logan, Memphis, TN

    LoL, Waffler, are you REALLY using a slippery slope argument? Nice fallacy. Some fall for the propaganda of the neoconservative and neoliberal movements that the "Income Tax is involuntary" and that "The US is a democracy" etcetera-- and they fall for it based on certain fallacies that they have accepted through their life. They do not see things for how they are, but for how they want to see them.

    warren, olathe

    Hitler was a socialist Waffler. The left is where propaganda comes from. You have to really stretch your logic to follow the tripe you just wrote. The thought police are Hillary and Al Gore. You would have loved Adolph if you had lived in his time period. The American left did. That is until he attacked their beloved Soviet Union. Then they decided to call him a right wing extremist.

    Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

    America and the west allowed Hitler and the Nazi's to rise to power because he claimed to be anti-communist. His climb to power was based on "socialism yes but not international socialism but National Socialism" in other words Deutscheland Uberalles. Germany over all. He was not a socialist. Nazi'sm was a right wing party aligned with German industry. Propaganda my friend Warren can come from any quarter. Internationalism is based on the idea of brotherhood of man (a little like America with "brotherhood from sea to shining sea") remember that sentiment Warren? Propaganda comes from Rush Limbaugh. As far as burning and trashing the books that is what the nay sayers are doing with the science of global warming by failing to give any credence to the scientific community.

    Scott O'Connor, Missoula MT

    You see this quote show it's ugly horns in everything from Fox and Friends to CNN. To the "Reverend Wright Scandal". It's meant to control us and it always has been. There are so many things you can learn from Mein Kampf

    Mike, Norwalk

    Waffler's hero (Hitler) knew how to implement his desired version of openmindedness.

    Anonymous BSG, Upminster

    books provide knowledge and a mind that over powers many people, if this man Adolf Hitler wishes and gives examples like pardises is hell to some people. if that is the fact, then hitler is in paradise.

    e, e
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    e, e    3/11/09
    Anonymous BSG, Upminster

    Open-mindedness? Hitler may of gave some quotes which helped people internally and externally but open-mindedness, Hitler? Don't think so

    Alannah, age 15, Annonymouse, AZ

    That sounds so much like something Winston in 1984 would say about Big Brother.. I can see where George Orwell/Erick Blair got his insiration for such a story. I wish to read Mein Kampf, although I am Jewish it is for historical purposes. That is an amazing and scary quote, that unfortunatly is true. go to its written by a man who political speech advised for pres. bush. it uses newspeak words and sooooo much propaganda. apparently the unintelligent masses of republicans bought it. thats even scarier.

    Chief Master Observer of the CzarMaker in the tin-foil hat, USA

    Obama has mastered population manipulation and implements it well. Alinsky, somewhere, is proud of his pupils Obama and Jarrett. Life as we knew it...phhhhtt.


    I think he was a awful leader. He Killed the jews and they did NOTHING to him! What a pervert.

    tyler, age 15, rochester, ny

    okay. i dont under stand why people think he was such a bad person. people only see him as the guy who killed millions of jews and other races. at the beginning he is just saying that he was trying to get his country out of a mess but while he was doing this he just so happened to find somebody to blame all of his problems on. he didnt even want to be in the army. he wanted to be an architect but his dad shot his ideas down. so if he never joined the army then none of the jews would have died. also if the industrial revolution never occured and trains werent invented then i dont think the jews would have been killed in these numbers. there wouldnt have been a chance in hell that they were gunna make the jews walk across europe to concentration camps

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      Anonymous    3/20/10

      @tyler, age 15, rochester, ny ummm, ok well its actually more about his soul. i don't think that it would have mattered to hitler whether the means were there to kill so many people, when he was doing it. you are sadly misinformed about the concentration camps by the way, because many many thousand more jews were killed in mass gun squad shootings. the truth is that he had a mental obsession, one that was brought on by his situations in life, yes, but a mental obsession all the same. He was horrible to his family, to his 'friends' and everyone else, but it was because germany was going through such an upheaval that was brought on by us, the allies, that Germany accepted him in the hope they would be wealthy and happy again. He was a product of his environment,but i digress. he would have been an aweful person even if he hadnt killed so many, but the fact he did cements it in our minds. by the way i am also 15, so please don't use that as an excuse to be ignorant

      bob, seatlle

      it is all good, man, i can see where he was coming from but we looked at it as a dumb ass mistake..

      Sarah, The Gold Coast...

      Grenville Rogers, shame on you! Not the writer of this blog! How can you really say that Hitler was good. I agree that at first he did a lot of good things for the country but what about the millions of people that were killed because of him?

      infinitewisdom4u, USA

      grenville rogers makes me wonder what the hell they teach in canada. that is such a twisted view and interpretation of history that one has to wonder how far grenville has gone off the map. every propagandast has refined the same basic philosophy espoused by hitler to the point that much of the info distributed today is finely adjusted and manipulated in much the same way. it takes a clear, unbiased mind to decipher numerous info sources to determine the truth at a high rate of probability.

      Dave, USA
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        Dave, USA    2/22/11

        "We are socialists, we are enemies of today's capitalistic economic system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being according to wealth and property instead of responsibility and performance, and we are all determined to destroy this system under all conditions." -Adolph Hitler

        Richard, Tillsonburg, Ont.

        The Nazis certainly got what they bargained for, Preaching annihilation, it was they who were annihilated. The dreaded Jews, those people whom the Nazi were so opposed to and tried so hard to eliminate, continue to continue. It was the Nazis who acquired new bloodthirsty ruthlessness to their planned genocide and suffered total defeat in a most humiliating way. Capped off with a most cowardly suicide by its most highly venerated leader. Millions paid with their lives in the performance of all this stupidity. The Nazi remnants today slither about, trying to prop up dreams of their thousand year Reich, which has been scrapped off the highway like some squished skunk, watched by history, which can't avert it's stare.

        Byron, Fort Collins

        @Grenville Rogers, @E.Archer -- YOU GUYS ARE RIGHT ON!!!

        H Rearden, Burr Ridge

        Thank you Waffler once again for the Communist point of view. Aside from the obvious joy of the politicians at confiscating the wealth ( that may have taken a family generations to build ) and redistributing it to people who will piss it away because they have no appreciation or understanding of the sacrifice and discipline required in our socialist society to amass assets.- there is one other benefit that the purveyors of our soft tyranny derive. They teach our populace not to depend on family but to rely on government. We have via our public school system achieved a nearly 100% rate of economic imbeciles who are conversant on gay marriage, abortion , legalization of pot, but know not one fact regarding how our government has presumed ownership of 30 - 40 % of their earnings. You are a perfect example of this

        kimo, USA
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        kimo, USA    9/13/11

        Mr. Rogers, well, obviously, the person who runs this site, did NOT censor your comment, so you HAVE found a free forum, one where many intelligent men may speak. Hitler may have done some good things, but he f***ed up when he committed genocide on the jews, mass killing, and, don't say that didn't happen, my grandfather, was there, and he told me, they could smell the place from 20 miles away. Such EVIL that some men would faint, and they did, they threw up, cried, yelled, and then... righteous anger as they gunned down those wearing that nazi uniform. We all know what the bottom line is, if ya dont, I'll tell ya, its force, he with the biggest stick wins. Strange to me, how something SO evil, a war so vast, and what happened in that war, on BOTH sides of the world, could even be close to forgotten, let alone some saying it never happened. IT HAPPENED. The fear is, it is about to happen again, different year, different country, some of the same socialist plans. I had a person where i live tell me that it 'never happened' , I showed him pictures, of bodies piled up 20 ft high, asked him 'does it look like it happened?' No, I'm not Jewish, I'm German, Irish, and American indian. Tyler, think on this...dead men tell no tales, ya only live once, and yes son, it really did happen, the horror, the screams, all of it, the smell of burning flesh, starvation all around ya, boy, they would have probably used a young man ur age, for, well, when you ever behold REAL EVIL, you will know it, no one will have to say anything, and you will never forget it. And yes, they were put on trains, at gunpoint, and shipped out to 'camps" imagine, that happening here, one day, busses come, they tell you 'this is an emergency, you must evacuate immediately' ya get on the bus, and ur in FEMA land, o yes, quite possible, quite doable, as gullible as many of my fellow Americans are....WERE. Any people, who do not learn from history, are doomed to repeat it, and if these socialists, get their way, we will be in a sad situation. FACT, they are already having all books transcribed onto computer,[in the name of saving paper and money] so who is to say, 50 years from now, that someone didn't change history? They have done it more than once, the civil war is a prime example, that's one war the gov wants NO ONE to know the truth about. If you really are 15, I'm sorry you have to learn this so young. Hitler, was a speed freak, and morphine addict, as were many of his staff.

        Skip, Apex NC

        First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.

        jean, Hayesville

        We have already allowed legal abortions, and now,full term infanticide . If you listen to occupy statements, they are now targeting jews again. after the jews will be christians, thenmentally retarded and handicapped, elderly, etc. The only people guaranteed a comfortable existance are the elite. This country was founded on christian values to escape this.The further you are from GOD, the further you are from FREEDOM. These young people are intelligent. READ HISTORY. If socialism is so great,why do people die trying to escape form it?

        Steven J Lewis, Anaheim, USA

        You need to look in the James Murphy translation, which is one of two most accurate translation of Mein Kampf. This quote is not in Mein Kampf and is nothing more than western and jewish propaganda. The other translation is by Michael Ford, which is simpler to read but slightly less accurate. The two combined will give people a better understanding of the man Adolph Hitler and then you can move onto other books that tell a different story then what we were told

        FoxtardsRevil, RealityVille

        Notice how there is nothing regarding socialism with Hitler. Fascism just like corporate fascism, sure. But not socialism. So, any of you Retardicans want to do re-do your propaganda on this reality? Nope? Didn't think so. Fox is Hitler. Shrub was Hitler. You Republicans are the Nazi. Always have been and always will be the Ignorant Mass of Religitarded Sheeple. Btw, Hitler said Liberals were useless to him. They thought for themselves and didn't 'believe' the propaganda. Reich Religitards?

        John, Lenoir, NC

        This explains the phenomenon of the "low information voter," of which the vast majority are mindless cattle for the progressive/collectivists, who have no notion whatsoever of self-respect, or respect for anyone else (other than the progressive/collectivist politicians and pundits whom the worship). America is dying from misinformation and propaganda, aimed solely upon propping-up failed policies and despicable, power-driven agendas.

        By the way, FoxtardsRevil, Hitler was indeed a socialist. The only difference between his brand and Stalin's was that the Nazis outlawed democratic voting. He felt that both capitalism and democracy were evil, and that only collectivist thought and action (just as all progressives advocate) would properly unite and serve "the state" (again, "the state" was Adolf Hitler himself). In the case of the American brand of collectivism, "the state" is our lords and ladies who rule us (rather than our Constitution) in Washington, DC.

        The aim of all socialist states is to concentrate all power to the state (those who dictate their rules and regulations to everyone else), concentrate all citizens' investments and loyalty to the state, and to make everyone (except the elitist rulers) equally miserable. It seems to me that your political gods are well on their way of making this Orwellian dystopian nightmare a reality.

        By the way, in the classical sense, you collectivists and progressives are NOT "liberal." You are the exact opposite of what a true liberal is.

        John C. Davidson, Mt. Vernon, Ohio

        This explains a lot about our situation here in America.

        jim k, Austin

        Too bad that Hitler and Stalin didn't kill each other off. Two of the most evil men in history. Mao and Castro are right in there with them.

        Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

        Sub-text from POTUS Obama.

        Robert, Somewhere in Europe

        There are others just as evil and even more so - let me give you a hint of one them "R"...... Those who dictate from the comfort seclusion and anonymity are the real enemy... and we can name them but fear gets in the way.... Yes, and by the way, many retardicans supported Hitler... Hitler's party was only socialist in as far as it was politically convenient, which brought him to power. He was most definitely was not a socialist in the strictest sense of socialism.... His rein of terror was attributed to that of a tyrant with fascism as a close second.....

        Mike, Pleasant Hill

        Well FoxterdsRevil, Hitler wasn't a socialist, where did you get that crap from Waffler? He was a socialist and a left-winger and as was pointed out earlier the darling of the American left they loved his idea of eugenics (Margaret Sanger) and we are still dealing with that today in the form of Planned Parenthood.

        Waffler had the audacity earlier to talk about honesty.
        The quote is pure Saul Alinsky 101.
        The left wing Utopian dream of equality propaganda is still bought into today the proof is in the now communist Democrat Party that produces the current crop of tyrants that long to rule over a society of serfs on their plantation, oh there will be equality alright but the equality of suffering and mere subsistence as eventually even the useful idiots come to realize too late they've been duped!

        One things for sure propaganda is alive and well in the American left as they consume it and then turn around and poop it out for others to consume.

        Patrick Henry, Red Hill

        From great nations, great leaders emerge.

        The most certain measure of the greatness of any nation is the noble character of their leadership.

        By that faithful measure the once noble, once glorious, American Republic decades ago ceased to be a truly great nation.

        Political leadership in this nation has attained its historic nadir with the mockery, farce-travesty, of an American presidency that is the Obama regime.

        The Desolator, Apostle of Lawlessness, Cultivator of Dependency in Chief, isa nightmarishly mendacious, manipulative, instrument of the advancement of the agenda(s) for what may well be the most
        nihilistic interests the world has ever known.

        Without question is he the the ordained effector of the completion of the process of the dissolution of the USA.

        Ronw13, Yachats OR

        Empirical Science, has now come to the conclusion, that with which we live in, is by design. A perfect balance in all of nature. More specific, the planet earth and those that inhabit it. Nature like our Creator is Not a Respecter of persons. As also our Declaration of Independence, which IS our bill of rights, represented by the Constitution of the United States. Causality, the origin of inspiration, imagination, the very nature of man and the ability to reason, logically without the manipulating fancy of mankind. Elements are arranged according to " number and law " this can be absolutely said of TRUTH. Night and Day, Light and Dark are the same to God. Though he declares " The Spirit of God is Good ". Setting one against the other is by design. Would one rather have dependent or independent children ? Knowledge coupled with skill in practice, brings about experience. that in tern instills patience. Not to be ashamed of. " Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men " Look to the heavens, they declare the glory of God. No wonder, science seeks to reveal the unseen and the unknown. Likened unto a bottle, which has a neck. it does fill up over a period of time. To discover from the foundation to the neck, is the purpose of mans quest. Expansion of the conscience of man, truth seeks reality. Do not be like the dog which returns to its vomit, while chasing its own tail. We all run a race, and there is a prize ! Saad Al Sund. The right shoulder of Delu, Sabr, who returns as in a circle. Life is short, it is best to know where you are going. If only man could learn not to oppress. Agrarianism vs industrialism and the dehumanization of mankind.

        vedapushpa, Bengaluru India

        It is essential to know all about Hitler he Oweful and awful DICTATOR's Mental Makeup and Thoughts... But it should necessarily presented as a 'human aberration' or a corrupt selfish human mind and not as any Role Model... The Quote is sufficiantly presented and can serve as a warning.


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