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Judith, AlbuquerqueJudith, Albuquerque
Judith, Albuquerque

He is talking about the "persona", that we all wear when we are out in public and not by ourselves. We all try to act and speak in the manner and about the subject that others consider to be important. It is basically a psychological term, so don't take it so personally. We learn to do this when we become adolescents and are not even aware of it.

Judith, Albuquerque

It seems to me that we have lost our revolutionary will. We have let atrocious things happen in this country, such as a war of aggression, and violations of the Geneva Convention as well as allowed our President to write numerous Executive Orders that violate the constitution and our rights. The Patriot Act approved by our Congress. It is now a crime to speak of the Constitution in a public place without being arrested. Yet we sit calmly on the sidelines, letting a handful of brave patriots protest at the conventions. Waffler, we are conformists and obedient. We fear to act. A nice letter to your congressperson is sufficient. The sixties had people of great will and love for their country who were brave and spoke out agaisnt the illegal war in Vietnam. Our forefathers fought to free us from England, and The Civil war was engaged in with great love of country. We are now mechanized automatons. Our country has been stolen from us and we are complacent.

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