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Mike, yes sir, we are all [excpet you know who] fighting the good fight, to resore what we know to be the best way, we are in the middle of this battle, and we will win it. Time, patience, and educating our kids, we will raise the awareness level farther than yts eevr bee. We want proper rule of law, justice, truth, the American way. and it no pipe drem, it is the most serious battle free men have had to fight in 50 years. Thanks to those of you who speak thier mind, and speak the truth. We all see the problem, are educated as to the evil, and who is perpertray=ting it.now.what to do? The vote of course.....trusting the poles is another subject, one which bothers many. Im for going back to paper ballots, and wittnesses from evry state in the union, and not obe rep, should be a politician.For myself anyway, my trust lvel is at an all time low. After watching the blantant corruption, who could blame me?

Kimo, Hawaiin nations

reston, take your propaganda somewhere else, you are in a forum mostly made up of patriots, but, we beliee in a free country, so rant on.

Kimo, hawaiin nations

So the old adage, "the workers are the salt of the earth" Without the worker, those in power are doomed, the problem [part of it] is ignorance, youth, and greed. Me, still no answers, only extensive knowledge on the problem. The way DC is set up, an honest man stands no chance.

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