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Klous Kravchenko, Stanford, KentuckyKlous Kravchenko, Stanford, Kentucky
Klous Kravchenko, Stanford, Kentucky

It was reported by a fellow student of our esteemed President who, upon being made familiar with Lincoln's passage, said "I will one day be the author and finisher"! The report concluded with, "And everyone laughed!" Well, upon being made aware of the feelings of my fellow citizens, I'm compelled to say that I have seldom been made aware of a succession parade of ignorance. I feel I should say I'm only a little shy of my first (and I'm truly grateful that this is my only ...) century. I've always had a taste for the study of my fellow Americans, and most certainly enjoyed the broth! I suppose the late '50's and early 60's registered on a timeline, one may perceive the tipping point whereby our citizens, in total, lost the ability to properly and safely maintain a democracy. Again, in total they seemed to have lost the understanding that they as voters were (to make it simple) the directors, as in "board of directors" and ultimately responsible for the safe keeping of the most glorious nation the world has ever known. I confess I did not learn early that national and world history was being either dropped from our schools, or in some cases completely rewritten for the sake of an alien ideology. It is a grievous error for a citizen to closely identify with either the Republican or Democrat party. We should all be Americans, proudly recite the pledge of allegiance, sing the National Anthem and make dang sure our children were all deeply schools in all aspects of our beginnings. It wouldn't hurt any of us to learn the techniques for communication and propaganda of our alien enemies. V.I. Lenin once was called on to define what was true and what was false. He responded that it was simple; anything, anything said or done which supported the revolution was true, and, anything that opposed the revolution was false. This was to be so even if in one day something was determined to be true, and the next (or next breath, for that matter)FALSE only according to the effect on the revolution. Well, I fear most of this is way too long.

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