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A Holiday gift for America By Larry (I signed my check long ago) America needs to come together at 12:00 pm on 24 December 2009. Shut down the District of Columbia in a peaceful, non violent, way by just filling all the streets with our cars, trucks, bicycles, bodies just to remind the elected officials that we are here. When they cannot hide in the dark, sneak home to celebrate a Holiday, that even the President does not Honor, and feel good that they are secure and protected, in the belief that this is their right that we owe them… Our Elected officials have forgotten the people. They play with our tax dollars as if they are playing Monopoly They are drunk on the unlimited power of dictators We The People need to remind them that we are mighty and are not the sheep they think we are We are not being allowed to see what is in these bills and are told You are too stupid To understand We need to know what is in this. Why does protecting children from being denied insurance for a pre existing condition… also have to pay the full cost of Nebraska’s Medicare? Are our elected officials too stupid to pass a bill to protect the children? Or do we have to bribe them to do the right thing? Peaceful assembly of the people is our right, be there with me to celebrate America I ve had my say... now let all of us think on our premices then you can have fun trashing my responce

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