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Mark, Aurora, COMark, Aurora, CO
Mark, Aurora, CO

ruinously influential, are the old-school 2-party gang-rapists and their Sheeplish adherents

alas, too many Sheeplish dolts remain addicted to toxic MSM, to the chagrin of Heartland Patriots now ready to shirk off the tyranny that has infested Our District of Criminals

to deny MSM monopoly is disingenuous, any alternately informed individual knows MSM is operated by mere handful of sinister programmers; yes We have always had Our alternate Truth-seekers, but until the internet age We never had such free access to so much knowledge about the huge hellhole that is the swamp, whom run MSM... yup, whudda cycle, alright

deep state dissolves under shine shone by orange sunrise backed by Patriots in Heartland -- hangry Sheeple awaken to fugly Truths their tiny brains cannot comport -- small minds once expanded can never return to their original dimensions

MANKIND EVOLVES TOWARD LIBERTY, LEAVING THE MSM LIARS AND TYRANTS FOR GOD TO SORT OUT; Sheeple could be best managed in existing FEMA camp facilities, they could perhaps eventually be de/re--programmed

Mark, Aurora, CO

Mike in Norwalk - you are a true champion!

Waffler Smith - you are a sublimating snowflake, aka lefty "American" poseur; how does it feel to be cheering from the democrat/sociopath slave-owning NWO's bleacher seats, as alternately-awakened Patriots are backing the orange buffoon in bucking BOTH criminal parties and defying all powermongering capitalist odds as We MAGA? The ready willingness of the crooked lefty to continuously twist reality into an Orwellian sit-com you can lampoon Liberty from within, is now a glaring act of desperate seditious defiance as they succumb to the awful reality that the democrat party is a failed has-been and its politics are 180 degrees opposite this country's Founding principles.

If Justice Davis' quote is not the most applicable to Our present PATRIOT situation, the GOP will eliminate Bammycare immediately. CONSTITUTION UBER ALLES -- DO NOT MESS WITH OUR CONSTITUTION!!!

PRAYING We soon attain enough advocacy to initiate Our essential CONVENTION OF STATES, in order to rewrite/redefine/reclad Our tremendous document to preclude repugnant govt intrusion into Our sovereignty, and ELIMINATE ALL ANTICONSTITUTIONAL/TYRANNICAL ELEMENTS from Our wretchedly corrupt govt!!

Mark, Aurora, CO

Nat'l Treasure is correct!! There is more intellect in Yogi's utterances, than in entire Main Stream Media combined!

This perfectly describes mindset of aimless anti-American lefties -- wandering lost, destination unknown. When the feel the flames, they'll know where they wound-up.

Mark, Aurora, CO

Even though we have been blessed by arrival of Trump, our present dire situation living under corrupt govt is not far removed from the same facing-down of despotism of which Henry speaks.

Mark, Aurora, CO

A giant of a quote, from a giant of a Constitutionalist! Sad and pathetic, how the liberals are so wont to relinquish and curtail, what ALL TRUE AMERICANS champion without a second thought. WOE TO TREASONOUS TRAITORS working agin our Liberty to freely communicate, if internet is hijacked on 1 October, that will be another step closer to civil war between Patriots and our despotic govt/statist liberal "country(girlie)men".

Mark, Aurora, CO

E Archer: I am a free sovereign, as with all emancipated-thinking Americans. Guys like the Waffler, who do not possess the same self-trustworthy mettle as all decent Patriots, will forever distrust our unencumbered practice of Liberty, because the darkness of their innate spirit precludes them from comprehending the golden attributes cultivated within Truer hearts. And their sense of nosey-ness cannot comport witnessing and allowing adventurous souls to fly unimpeded by some authority -- which herding and shepherding desires are more powerful among Sheeple, than their hunger for Liberty. I feel this is the crux of our present social libtard vs Patriot discord. Too many wafflers clogging up our Liberty!

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