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Mark, Aurora, ColoradoMark, Aurora, Colorado
Mark, Aurora, Colorado

Baloney, Waffler it's the greed of the human being, which exists far beyond America's borders. Humans are bad enough, now We must contend with the faceless multinationalists operating under sanction of their owned and corrupt govt aka the swamp; EPA has robbed America of untold industry in the silly name of govt overbearance clean air and water are one thing but TPTB have taken things too far, now being walked back by sensible Trump admin.

You want greed, look at the profligate fascist monocrats poisoning Our sovereignty & spending everyone else's money, now teaming with rotten GOP against Trump and Liberty.


Mark, Aurora, Colorado

All this talk about war gets me thinking the greatest war is being waged by American lefties, agin this precise Ming vase/Constitutional Republic analogy, which I adopt the great Thomas Sowell's words to demonstrate and defend here.

So sad, to see our lefties throwing-away - NAY, WARRING AGIN - our centuries of advancement, in the comparative flash of a busted vase; and most amoral - they do it with such a malicious, traitorous, and ignorant fervor.

Mark, Aurora, Colorado

Libertarianism is closest to original Founding intent, compared to today's dog-and-pony 2-party gang-rape. I posit our misled Republican constituency is far better aligned toward Liberty, than its completely lunatic-left Democrat counterpart.

It's not so much that Libertarianism "broke through" anything, as much as the gang-rapists finally strayed so far from Liberty that We Liberty lovers are now referred to as "Libertarians"; therefor I add a third observation: the nomenclature evolves too: I would much rather be thought of as a Classical Liberal, but alas our lefty friends have absconded an old label, "liberal", and applied it dishonestly where ILLIBERAL seems most perfectly appropriate.


Mark, Aurora, Colorado

An arrested stage of seditious social development is accurate descriptor of present practice of illiberal democrat politics.

The libtards seek to create a totally subjugated govt-hijacked communist herd, which is necessary to reach their dishonest hallucinatory goal of statist utopia.

Mark, Aurora, Colorado

Powerful statement of validity for all sovereign individuals! It is not always our direct intent to "misdirect" by interjecting our vociferous logical counterpoints to encroaching groupthink; what sets us apart from the Sheeplish flock is, our very insoluble autonomy which they so envy while voting to eliminate, and our Patriotism which so denies and despises the power of the statism they prefer to our American form of sovereign Liberty.

Mark, Aurora, Colorado

Norwalk Mike has it correct - today's dumbed-down pseudo-American is far too common to grasp even the basic precept here.

This quote succinctly sums-up Trump's jaw-dropping power today, as well.

Idiots freak out when smacked w/reality...

Mark, Aurora, Colorado

Unlike Norwalk Mike, I find the beauty of Truth here. Liberty is most precious gift of life, now being squandered/relinquished due to masses' proclivity to be debase and easily herded. Back "in the day", Americans were a largely moral and decent lot, a far and sad cry from the cesspool that has become consumerist America, overseen by tyrannic criminals bent on inducting us into NWO.

I believe we do possess our "proper controlling power" in Constitution and Rule of Law - trouble comes, when TPTB orchestrate breakdown of morals through MSM and glorify/allow thug class to run rampant. Thuggish anarchists and despotic tyrants put our Liberty at greater risk than all enemies we've faced yet; I pray and work for return of decency, lest we be overrun.

Mark, AURORA, Colorado

Apparently the democrat party and libtarded politicos have all ceased to differentiate between right and wrong. GOP hierarchy has also sold-out to the dark side, leaving Tea Party Patriots as last remaining upstanders on America's tumultuous stage of Liberty. Funny, and interesting, how even otherwise questionable personas - like Trump - are joining we upstanders in droves, as NWO/DNC runs the fugly witch to all normal folks' universal consternation!

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