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MaxF, San Francisco

What the federal and state governments practice is slavery. Each Agent of Government is in collusion with every other Agent to steal your property as that is the de facto purpose of Government, while securing a man's rights is never going to happen from a Government Agent.
There is no lawful authority for one man to impose his will on another man. My rights come from God/Nature and do not come from another man. I can't be a partial slave anymore than I as a man can be partially pregnant, it is impossible. To say I have freedom except for......violating all the prohibited Codes (Roman civil law) passed by man is slavery.
The only law one must abide by is the unwritten laws your mama and the school yard taught you as a youngster: 1. You can't hit the other kids, 2. you can't take the other kids' property, 3. you can't lie (commit fraud or bear false witness), and 4. you can't break your promise ( breach a valid contract). That is it, you do those things, you're gonna have some splaining to do --Lucy.....(I luv Lucy- Ricky Ricardo).

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