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michael duerksen, midland, tx

Correction for the following data: The past several days I began to see that I was in error in my perception of some of the data and I would like to explain that here: First I became suspicious of the Tudor name, specifically that of Henry Tudor and his father Edward Tudor. It's not that he wasn't a legitimate King, but rather he appeared to have borrowed the name Tudor from the Durk family of names which also includes Teutorigos, Tilo, Terry, Dietrich, Dirk, Thierry and others, some French, some German, ancient German and the like. The Tudors of Henry and Edward had nothing to do with bloodline or genetic heritage but rather their decision to change their name from Fychan, which was preceded by Vaughan to Tudor, because they must have known that Tudor meant Durk in Welsh and it sounded like, " ruler of the people, Turkish wars, Turk, Dark, dagger, prisoner of war..." and other and therefore good for leading the people. Henry Tudor, whom became Henry VII was a successful King and he strenghtened his kingdom by marrying Elizabeth of York. If you check the geneology below, which I thought might below to th heritage of the House of Durk names which appears to include, but not definitively so, Ludwig II and the neiuwenstein castles and Count Vllad Tepes II of Transylvania. ( I have to throw this in due to the fact that when I did a search for the House of Durk in Germany, Yahoo gave me Lugwig II and other and the same for Transylvania, so there appears to be a House of Durk connection there. ) Durkand preceding names is concluded to go back quite possibly 35-40 thousand years to ancient Turkey. That is a supposition based on the overall impression of the nation to nation spread of names that appear to be related to Durk and other information. Anyway, the Tudor House appears to spread across Europe and appears to go everywhere and was a strong and interesting dynasty. So I do not think I am related to the Tudor Dynasty, but the name Tudor is still understood to be a Durk, Dirk, Duerk variant that includes Dirksen, Duerksen including Baron Von Durk, my greatgreat grandad. Next, I want to look at Rollo, the origins of the name Rollins, Rawlings and other, Rollins being my grandmother Alma Rollins name. Since the origins are Rollo then it must be Rollo, king of the Vikings and Normandy. Rollo did not inherit control over Normandy, it was given to him by the French monarchy due to the fact that they could resist it and they also thought that his presence there would help them to fend off invaders. Some people conclude that Rollo is related to Charlemayne, most historians do, and if this is correct then I would be related to Charlemayne and through him virtually most if not all the royal houses and dynastys in Europe to the middle east including the Hapsburgs. About 15 % or less of historians do not think it is true. I will search this. Anyway, Rollo, is also believed by some to have had no surviving offspring, but again this appears to be false, and I demonstrated a geneology further down in this commentary that appears to argue in the defense of the Rollo legacy in that his surviving son appears to have connected to a sizeable number of relations in other royal houses including those in Italy and Spain and if one were to follow this pathway you might.....that is might come to the Austrians and the Hapsburgs, but whether you do or not, it still appears to be a good and interesting connection. When you follow the Rollo to Rollins line you should find yourself confronting the Wild West including people in the US Marshalls, including Wyatt Earp who's grandmother or mother may have been a Rollins. Anyway, my Grandmother Alma Rollins was the daughter of a US Army officer married to a Navaho girl in the late 1800s. Alma Rollins, a public school teacher with a masters in education, married Andrew Fraley, a teacher become attorney for the Oklahoma City Veteran's Admin agency. Fraley is a German name as a variant that is known as Froelig, Frohlich, Frohlick, Frolick and other. This German name is viewed by some as being interchangeable at times in history with the Rothschilds in business, marriage and science. This is where the Rothschild bloodline to my life appears to enter, if not via Siegfried II (Dietrich...German name of Durk) and others. When I search for Rothschild-Fraley or Rothschild-Frolich there appears an unusual amount of connections between the two familys that I noticed today is missing from Yahoo search when you look at "Fraley and Rothschild " and search. This search is being dominated at this time by the writings of a Bob Fraley and it goes and goes and there doesn't appear to be anything else, and it appears to be all negative about the Rothschilds. Before this occurred a few weeks ago, there appeared to be quite a bit of information supporting my opinion. Michael Duerksen -- Anonymous, midland, tx German Helps or Anne's German Cheat Sheet! wigenweb.org/shawano/germanresource.html Ehehindernis = hinderance to marriage ehel. = ehelich ... FROHLICH = FRAILEY, FRALEY Frueh/Freeh = early (riser) .... Rothschild = red shield. Rothstein = red ...Rothschild ... Read THE ROTHSCHILDFAMILY TIMELINE-RULER'S OF ... [Found Exclusively On Yahoo! Search] SMITH JOHNSON WILLIAMS BROWN JONES MILLER DAVIS www.islab.ntua.gr/ttachments/article/81/en_surnames_list.txt ... LYMAN BILLINGSLEY MCADAMS CARDWELL FRALEY PATTEN HOLTON ..... BOUTTE MESSMER ROTHSCHILD BOHRER ELGIN KINLEY SCHECHTER ..... BYUN FERRON MCQUEARY RIESS STAYTON WEDDING ALLYN FRISBEE ...Washington, D.C. Dismiss General Casey ... [Found Exclusively On Google] JGA SEPT-OCT 08 jewishgeorgian.com/JGASeptOct08.pdf methodology: a marriage of data assem blage ... Fraley has started a snazzy new quarterly magazine ... Brenda and Bill Rothschild, Marcia Rothschild and Janice ... [Found Exclusively On Yahoo! Search]relationship to the Rothschildsthat you will ... [Found Exclusively On Google] United States Consular Reports of Marriages ... - JewishGen Blog jewishgen.blogspot.com/nited-states-consular-reports-of.html Feb 23, 2011 ... Other couples, to be found in the marriage records were Harry Zichlin and Flora Grabelski Frimet, Harry W. Froehlich and Anneliese Rothschild, ...documenting major events in his life, such as marriages, naturalization, [Found Exclusively On Google] KATZ - katz marriages in Argentina - Jewish Genealogy www.hebrewsurnames.com/marriage_records_KATZ Jewish Marriages in Argentina - Finding relatives in ... FROHLICH ISAAC KATZ CARLOTA FRYDLEWSKI ... ROTHSCHILD JUANA KATZ DE ROTHSCHILD MAX ...LAIMS ESOLUTION RIBUNAL www.crt-ii.org/_awards/_apdfs/Frohlich_Manfred.pdf ... who was married to Lina Frhlich, ne Rothschild. ... Owner by marriage is not entitled to receive any portion ... frohlich.doc Author: JP002827 Created Date: 8/14/2003 12 ... [Found Exclusively On Yahoo! Search]

Michael Duerksen, Midland, Tx

Rothschild Connections: BaronVon Durk-Tudor-Thierry-Dietrich-SiegfriedIICount Duerksen, Fariss-Arabian-Egyptian-GreekSpartan, Rollo-Charlemayne-Rollins-Navaho, Fraley-Frohlich Duerksen, Michael, Dean Fariss ( Louis 14 Sun King ? and Merovingians ? it looks that way....Duerksen ) Hello: I am an American artist, disabled and on a cane. The past 7 months or so, I developed an interest in my ancestral relationships in that I knew that I was of the German family Baron Von Durk and have known this for several decades but other than that I have been getting an education and doing pottery and drawing and political and human rights advocacy which I started in 1998 in West Texas. My contacts include members of the US Congress, intelligence functions, both domestic and international and I also write on immigration related issues. During my experience I fell and severed the cruciate ligaments in my left knee and ended up in a wheelchair for 3 years after having been quite athletic in a fairly broad range of activities including martial arts, scuba diving, running and the like. Anyway, eventually I managed to start using a cane after dumping the wheelchair in the dumpster. As I began to search for my ancesters via the Durk name I came to realize that Durk appeared to be a very old name and in different forms as are most names and the forms include Dirk, Duerk, Tilo, Tudor, Teutorigos, Theoridicus, Dietrich, Dietrich, Thierry and others, about 30 or more variations, some of which are German, ancient German, French, Greek, Irish and others. So I began to explore the pathway of these variations including that related more specifically to the name variant of Durk, or House of Durk or Dirk and found that when I did a search for the House of Durk, in Germany, for example, that it went to Ludwig II and the Niewenstein castles and when I did a search for Transylvania for the same name ( don't ask me why I searched Transylvania, but I did) the Yahoo search came up with Count Vllad Dracul, Order of the Dragon, but so far, and I have not looked that hard, I can not see any relavence that connects the various pathways from House of Dirk to Order of the Dragon, but I suspect that it might be found in the name Count Siegfried II ( Dietrich ) and the list of names below that title that relates to that count whom relates to House of Durk. ( Also I picked up information that indicated that the Durk name was about 10,000 years old and so far I discovered that the variant of the name and related to the McNamaras in Ireland goes back about 6,000 BC to the time of a King by the name of Milesius, but this may not be the first of the Durk relatives in Ireland. ) I found in Holland where the House of Dirk is primarily Dukes and Counts that appear to head in other directions. One of the points of this discussion is that there is reason to believe that in the Durk name and it's variants is found a connection to the Rothschilds which I understand starts with the first member of the family using the name in 1597 or so and then eventually to the 1700s or so. I see what appears to be a royal connection to the Rothschilds from the Durks via King Louis the 4th and his connection to the Hapsburg Castle via his mother Matilda, but there was friction there between her and others in the Hapsburg related dynasty that implied that perhaps it had not started yet. The connection to Louis the 4th appears to be found in Thierry or Dietrich and Floris, but I am not certain. Also I appear to be related to Henry Tudor whom married into the House of York. ( I would like to sidetrack here for a minute: I have reason to believe that I am related to Louis the 14, the Sun King, but I have not found it yet. Also to the Merovingian Kings. There is the House of Franzen that Duerksens and Dirksens have married into a number of times. ) and also into French Royalty which ended with the War at Calais but could have left some relations to the Tudor House there in France with pertinence. When I look at the House of Tudor which ended around 1600 and I see the connection they made to the House of York it looks like the blood line of the Tudors remains to today, but I need to study much more about this before I am sure, and please bear with me until I do. I see in the Tudor House a relationship to the House of Valais which appears to be related to the Rothschilds, I could be wrong in the geneology of the Prince of Wagram, Alexander Louis Phillipe Marie Berthier, 4th Prince of Wagram. Also there is a connection that is convoluted that goes from the House de Harris that appears to connect to Agnes Harris whom is related to Winston Churchill and Baron Von Bismarck and who's great, great, great, great, ....grandfather is Siegfried II, Count ( dietrich) variant of Durk. I must be desperate to find relations connecting to the Rothschilds. No, I believe that I am related to the Rothschilds somewhere along this line, but if not I will go to the next step, and this appears to be clearer and that is the Fraleys or the Frohlichs a German name that appears to be interchangeable to the Rothschilds in various times in history and of my grandad Andrew Fraley, an attorney with the Veterans Administration in the 1960s. ( my other grandad was Cornelious Arthur Duerksen, a farmer and rancher in Oklahoma and born from Cornelious Arthur Duerksen, the great grandson of Baron Von Durk and he married a member of the Spoetzel family in Oklahoma and had 4 sons. My Grandad, and I realize ofcourse that this does not appear to compare with the significance and the beauty of the Rothschild name and all that you represent, but I hope that you will find it interesting none the less. My grandad married a lady by the name of Fariss, ....Flossie Fariss whom is believed to be born of Greek Spartan ancestors and Arabian Faris. I checked the meaning of the name Faris and its variants and it appears to originate in Arabia and some say going back to late BC, but at least as early as 1200 AD and that you can find quite a few Greek Spartans of the bloodline of the Spartan army whom married into the Fariss or Faris or Ferris family bloodline living in Sparta. Anyway they looked Greek mostly and I can see a little Arabaic bloodline in my appearance which appears to be royal, and this bloodline competes with the Rollo, King of Normany line variant of Rollins and his marriage to a Navaho or Sioux Indian lady as an officer in the US Army and the Fraleys and where all of this goes. I checked on the Fraley name and found that when you look at the dozen or more variants to Frohlich and compare the relationship to the Rothschilds that you will find quite a few close ties to the two familys in business, marriage and science, so was Andrew Fraley and his brother Dick, a Texas oilman, related to the Rothschilds? It appears to be true. My dad is Dr Dean Faris Duerksen living in West Texas and is retired. My mother is Carol Lynn Rollins Fraley. I am the oldes child, one of my brothers, Joe, a chorale singer and band and chorale director and musician died in 1998. We are a professional family whom appears to have significant connections to the past royal houses that I thought interesting enough to connect to someone about. Rollo, King of Normandy the Viking creator and is believed by most to be related to Charlemayne who's offspring includes: Guillaume (William) I "Longsword" of Normandy, d. 942. Gerloc or Adele, m. Guillaume (William) Tte d'toupe, count of Poitou and duke of Aquitaine. The Count of Poitou....is the Count of Burgundy who had about ten children, one of whom was Ermentrude whom married Theodoric I, of the House of Thierry, House of Durk in Germany, Count of Montbe'liard to Theodoric II, lord of Mouson, son of Louis Scarpone, Count of Montbe'liard and Sophie Countess of Bar and Lady of Mouson. Sophie was the daughter of Frederick II Duke of Upper Lorraine and Mathilda of Swabia and sister Beatrice, Marchioness of Tuscany, and niece of the Empress Gisela, wife of Conrad II, married to Boniface III of Tuscany. Beatrice bore three children: she did bear her husband three children. The eldest, Beatrice, died in 1053, shortly after Boniface. The only son, Frederick, succeeded his father, but died soon after. The youngest child was Matilda, who inherited the great patrimony from Frederick. Beatrice remarried in 1054 to Godfrey III, Duke of Lower Lorraine, who ruled until his death in 1069. ( Wikipedia) . Well this is one of the pathways that appears to lead from Rollo, King of Normandy to other French and also Italian direction, the origins of the Rollins family whom are supposed to be related during Wild West history to Wyatt Earp, who's grandmother or greatgrandmother were members of the Rollins family or so I heard from several sources and to several other members of the US Marshalls named Rollins during Wild West history. I cannot so far connect via these names to the Kings of France, except King Louis the 4th via Thierry I think and also Richard 1 and III, but it appears to be a good start, with mention along the way to the Thierry, House of Theodoric, House of Dirk or Durkor another way of saying the name Durk. Some of the above is supposition so far and that limited to the US Marshalls Rollins and their relationship to Wyatt Earp, but it appears to be from good sources. House of Hapsburg... Karl von Habsburg (Karl Thomas Robert Maria Franziskus Georg Bahnam; born 11 January 1961), referred to in Austria as Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, in France as Charles de Habsbourg-Lorraine, in the Czech Republic as Karel Habsbursko-Lotrinsk, in Hungary as Habsburg Kroly, and by his royal name as Archduke Karl of Austria,[1] or, by monarchists, Karl II of Austria or Kroly V of Hungary, is an Austrian politician, and the current Head of the House of Habsburg, and the Grand Master of the Order of the Golden Fleece.... that is Karl von Habsburg, of the House of Lorraine-Hapsburg, appears to be related to ... Capetian and House of Valois. There seems to be a connection. Where is all of this leading? Who knows, but I would like to go to Henry Tudorand try to lead to the House of Capetian which appears to lead to Hapsburg. Here it is: Henry Tudor, earl of Richmond; later titled King Henry VII son of Edmund Tudor and Margaret Beaufort born 28 January 1457 at Pembroke Castle, Wales claimed title of Henry VII, king of England c.1484 declared king 22 August 1485 at Battle of Redmoor Plain/Bosworth Field coronation 30 October 1485 at Westminster Abbey, London married to Elizabeth Plantagenet, princess of England, on 18 January 1486 at Westminster Abbey, London Eight Children with Elizabeth Plantagenet: Arthur, prince of Wales, born 20 September 1486 Margaret, born 28 November 1489 Henry VIII, king of England, born 28 June 1491 Elizabeth, born 2 July 1492; died 1495 Mary, born 18 March 1496 Edmund, duke of Somerset, born 21 February 1499; died 1500 Edward ? Katherine, born and died 2 February 1503 died 22 April 1509 at Richmond Palace, Surrey buried at the Henry VII 'Lady Chapel', Westminster Abbey, London Princess Elizabeth Plantagenet, also called Elizabeth of York daughter of Edward IV, king of England & Queen Elizabeth Woodville born 11 February 1466 at Westminster Palace, London married to Henry VII, king of England, on 18 January 1486 at Westminster Abbey, London Eight Children Arthur, prince of Wales, born 20 September 1486 Margaret, born 28 November 1489 Henry VIII, king of England, born 28 June 1491 Elizabeth, born 2 July 1492; died 1495 Mary, born 18 March 1496 Edmund, duke of Somerset, born 21 February 1499; died 1500 Edward ? Katherine, born and died 2 February 1503 coronation 25 November 1487 at Westminster Abbey, London died 11 February 1503 at Tower of London, London buried at the Henry VII 'Lady Chapel', Westminster Abbey, London Prince Arthur of Wales born 20 September 1486 at St. Swithin's Priory, Winchester titled Prince of Wales 27 February 1490, Westminster Palace, London married to Princess Katharine of Aragon on 14 November 1501 at St.Paul's Cathedral, London died 2 April 1502 at Ludlow Castle, Shropshire buried at Worcester Cathedral Princess Margaret Tudor; later titled queen of Scots born 28 November 1489 at Westminster Palace, London married to James Stuart, titled King James IV of Scotland, 8 August 1503 at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh titled Queen of Scotland 8 August 1503 at Holyrood Abbey, Edinburgh Six Children with King James IV of Scotland: James of Rothesay, duke of Rothesay, born 21 February 1507 daughter, born 15 July 1508 Arthur, duke of Rothesay, born 20 October 1509 James, later King James V of Scotland, born 15 April 1512 daughter, born November 1512 Alexander, duke of Ross, born 30 April 1514 widowed 1513 married to Archibald Douglas, 6th earl of Angus, on 4 August 1514 at Kinnoul Church One Child with Archibald Douglas: Margaret, Lady Douglas, born 1515 divorced 1528 married to Henry Stewart, Lord Methven I, on 3 March 1528 One Child with Henry Stewart: Lady Dorothea Stewart, born ? Go to the Scottish genealogy page. Prince Henry Tudor, duke of York; later titled King Henry VIII born 28 June 1491 at Greenwich Palace, London titled King of England 24 June 1509 at Westminster Abbey, London married to Katharine of Aragon, princess of Spain, on 11 June 1509 at Grey Friars Church, Greenwich Six Children with Katharine of Aragon: daughter, born 31 January 1510 Henry (1), duke of Cornwall, born 1 January 1511 Henry (2), duke of Cornwall, born November 1513 son, born December 1514 Mary, later titled Mary I, queen of England, born 18 February 1516 daughter, born 10 November 1518 marriage annulled 1533 married to Anne Boleyn, marquess of Pembroke, on 25 January 1533 at Westminster, London Three Children with Anne Boleyn: Elizabeth I, queen of England, born 7 September 1533 Henry, duke of Cornwall, born 1534 son, born 29 January 1536 marriage annulled 1536 married to Jane Seymour on 20 May 1536 One Child with Jane Seymour: Edward, later titled Edward VI, king of England, born 12 October 1537 at Hampton Court Palace widowed 24 October 1537 at Hampton Court Palace married to Anne of Cleves on 6 January 1540 at Greenwich Palace marriage annulled 1540 married to Catherine Howard on 28 July 1540 at Hampton Court Palace marriage annulled 1541 married to Katharine Parr on 12 July 1543 at Hampton Court Palace died 28 January 1547 at Whitehall Palace, London buried at St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle mistresses Elizabeth Stafford - no children Elizabeth Blount, called Bessie Blount One child with Elizabeth Blount: Henry Fitzroy, duke of Richmond, born 1519 Go to the Stafford/Blount/Fitzroy genealogy page. Princess Mary Tudor, queen of France and duchess of Suffolk born 18 March 1496 at Richmond Palace, Surrey married to King Louis XII of France on 9 October 1514 at Abbeville Cathedral, France widowed 1514 married to Charles Brandon, duke of Suffolk, on 3 March 1515 in Paris Three Children Henry, earl of Lincoln, born 11 March 1515 Frances, born 16 July 1517 Eleanor, born 1519 died 25 June 1533 at Westhorpe Hall, Suffolk buried at St. Mary's Church, Bury St. Edmunds Katharine of Aragon, princess of Spain last child of Ferdinand of Aragon, king of Spain & Isabella, queen of Castle born 15 December 1485 at Alcala de Henares, Madrid married to Arthur, prince of Wales, on 14 November 1501 at St. Paul's Cathedral, London widowed 2 April 1502 at Ludlow Castle, Shropshire married to Henry VIII, king of England, on 11 June 1509 at Grey Friars Church, Greenwich Six Children daughter, born 31 January 1510 Henry (1), duke of Cornwall, born 1 January 1511 Henry (2), duke of Cornwall, born November 1513 son, born December 1514 Mary I, queen of England, born 18 February 1516 daughter, born 10 November 1518 marriage annulled 1533 died 7 January 1536 at Kimbolton Castle buried at Peterborough Cathedral Anne Boleyn, marquess of Pembroke born about 1501/2 or 1507 at Blickling Hall, Norfolk titled marquess of Pembroke on 1 September 1532 married to Henry VIII, king of England, on 25 January 1533 at Westminster Abbey, London Three Children Elizabeth I, queen of England, born 7 September 1533 Henry, duke of Cornwall, born 1534 son, born 29 January 1536 marriage annulled 1536 executed 19 May 1536 at Tower Green, Tower of London buried at the Chapel of St. Peter ad Vincula, Tower of London Go to the Boleyn family webpage. This page is under constant construction; please check back to see later additions. to Tudor England Elizabeth of York (11 February 1466 11 February 1503) was Queen consort of England as spouse of King Henry VII, Henry Tudor, from 1486 until 1503. Elizabeth of York was, during her lifetime, a daughter, sister, niece and wife of English monarchs - Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III and Henry VIIrespectively. Spouse Henry VII of England Issue Arthur, Prince of Wales Margaret, Queen of Scots Henry VIII of England Elizabeth Tudor Mary, Queen of France Edmund, Duke of Somerset Edward Tudor Katherine Tudor House House of York (by birth) House of Tudor (by marriage) Father Edward IV of England Mother Elizabeth Woodville Born (1466-02-11)11 February 1466 Westminster Palace Died 11 February 1503(1503-02-11) (aged 37) Richmond Palace Burial Henry VII's Chapel Thankyou for reading the above descendents of Henry Tudor, Henry VII of England and the connections to other houses. I hope that you find this interesting. Also I have 177 hours of college with 70 hours of social sciences in Psychology and Sociology and masters level courses, also some in biology and horticulture from Angelo State U and University of Central Oklahoma... I ran a 46.5 second on the final leg in the mile relay as anchor in 1972 just shortly before running a 22.3 on the first half of the quarter mile in the next track meet, my senior year in highschool and due to some sports related injuries I was ordered by a specialist to stop activities for 3 months. I had been running track since the 7th grade, but our 10th through 12th grade track years were weak and I managed to scrape out a few records and quite a few wins the first several years and resistance after that. I ran a restrained 51.3 on the open quarter during the 46.5 second meet, but due to the fact that we were 40 yards behind last place on the mile relay and that I caught up to nearly first place, to a runner whom could run a 50.3 it has been calculated that I ran at least a 47.5 and probably a 46.5 to most. Please excuse the boasting. One last connection here would include my sister Margaret Duerksen whom married Leo De Luna of Singapore family and related to the Italian and Spanish royal family of the same name and then my brother Paul, a graduate of Texas A&M whom married a Beverly Devereuax ( related to Jessie James ) and and Joe, graduate of West Texas State U, one of the finest music and other schools at the time, my late and youngest brother whom married a Karen Davenport, part Indian and both the Davenports and Devereuaxs are related to Elizabeth I. Thankyou for reading this message. Sincerely, Michael Dean Fariss Duerksen 301 Everts street Ft Stockton, Tx 79735 or michaelduerksen@netzero.net or missmuppie2011@netzero.net represents my artwork due to the name Miss Muppie drawing of a young woman, or 432-312-1529 celllular . Bye.

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