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R. Stover, Ellijay GAR. Stover, Ellijay GA
R. Stover, Ellijay GA

If you will check into the history of the International Bankers, such as Rothschild, Warberg, Rockefeller, etc. you will find they are of Jewish decent, however they are Zionist Jews, not of the typical Jewish Families, and not holding the honor of the typical Jew.

R. Stover, Ellijay GA

I would be interested in learning where Waffler found the "Documentation" to quote Thomas Jefferson, so I can see it for myself. as far as everyone living well in these United States, Waffler obviously has his head in the sand. The real truth of whom is behind the problems of this nation lies, top down, #1 "The International Bankers", #2 Our own Government, #3 The people that refuse to research our problems and continue with their own way of thinking, example: the two party system which is owned by the bankers and the government. Wake up Americans before it is too late.

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