Lord ActonLord Acton, [John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton] (1834-1902), First Baron Acton of Aldenham

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“The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks.”

Lord ActonLord Acton
~ Lord Acton

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David L. Rosenthal, Hollywood

Ergo, money equals liberty? It's 4:30 a.m. - let's plan the revolution tomorrow.

Logan, Memphis, TN

All Hail the Federal Reserve!

Joe, Rochester, MI

We are not free, the banks own us.

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Anonymous    7/20/06

This is incredibly true. Learn, people, about your enslavement.

R. Roca, Barcelona, Spain

That's the future. Are you a banker or a simple human being?

Nicky, Gibsons, BC, Canada

It's coming to fruition. See the fight in the UK by people reclaiming extortionate bank charges.

Graduate Student, Philosophy of Religion and Natural Law, America

There is nothing so sinister, so crafty, so much against the laws of freedom and the law of God, than what the big-banking elites have done in Europe, America, and now are doing in the entire world. The kind of usury practiced by these oligarchic aristocrats has gained them the world, but lost them their souls.

warren, olathe

The modern banking system makes possible the financing of some huge projects. In ancient times those types of projects were done by the King and usually through slave labor. Our system allows someone with a vision to attain it without being a King or a tyrant. As much as we may fear the type of control money plays in our society we should beware of what kind of world we would have without it. Unless you want a Socialist dictatorship you really have no other choice. The anti bank rhetoric has been fodder for the propaganda of Adolph Hitler and many others. I fear that the bank haters see the word bank and think Jew. I believe much of the bank hatred is founded in anti-Semitism.

E Archer, NYC

Your ignorance knows no bounds, warren. We don't have to legalize counterfeiting and debasement of the currency to build pyramids. Secondly, to label those that point out the unconstitutionality of fiat currency as anti-semitic is a grand stretch. There are plenty of Christians who also support and promote communist planks like a central bank. If you defend the establishment of a central bank that prints up legal tender, then you are promoting Communism -- period.

Dirk, San Antonio

This is so true. Our entire monetary system is based on debt. Debt to a privately owned central bank. Debt=Slavery

Fed up
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Fed up    7/23/08
Anonymous, iowa city

Good point Archer and shame on you warren, and btw the white MALE protestant bankers are not Jewish :) even though we don't know the banker's identities who OWN THE FED, I can bet they don't let women, jews, gays, or anything other than ....well I'm suggesting that they are nazis. I would also like to add instead of doing bailouts for these crooks, we could be INVESTING in our children and education system instead of being dumbed down and completely screwd in the future. too much information out there for warren and others (warren's a banker btw) not to take a genuine interest and realize that things aren't right, I mean really warren, can you honestly say, especially at this time that there's nothing wrong?

Arem, London

The battle is about to begin ......... when the realisation of how the banking system has made us slaves to their monetary system - sinks in! The current global economic crisis is but the first signs - when from a state of concern and fear we will turn to aggression - the war against the banking structure!

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Anon    3/26/09

It's refreshing to see new names on here that REALLY KNOW what's going on. The love of money and the power the creation of it out of thin air brings IS the root of all evil. The quote is correct but my 5 stars are for the new names (to me) above!

J Carlton, Calgary

There is no limit to the unethical behaviour or the depths to which the secretive international bankers will not sink to control and enslave us. Stop using plastic for anything other than cash withdrawals. Stop letting them track you...

Mike, Norwalk

There are many absolutes of, and philosophical concepts about freedom, liberty, law and justice that have been taken from the many's consciousness. Those hidden truths that are so intrinsic to man will rise once again, bringing conflict between the individual noble sovereign (kings and queens, Caesars, each and every one) and those power mongers that would be their slave masters. "all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed." (Declaration of Independence) It is one of the primary issues, that of exchanging debt for intrinsically valued tangible money, with the results there of, that will expose and bring about the conflict between We The People and the power mongering money changers.

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RBESRQ    3/26/09

I hear it's already started in Scotland

M. Brown, Florida

Wow, our group has grown!! Different thoughts expressed! Thats America!

R. Stover, Ellijay GA

If you will check into the history of the International Bankers, such as Rothschild, Warberg, Rockefeller, etc. you will find they are of Jewish decent, however they are Zionist Jews, not of the typical Jewish Families, and not holding the honor of the typical Jew.

James, Lake Orion, MI

Screw the bankster hucksters. They're con men who run ponzi schemes which take advantage of people's ignorance of the monetary system, to basically steal all their property. This is clearly unconstitutional in three ways; first, only the gov't is to issue our money (that's right the federal reserve act of 1913 is in itself, unconstitutional), only gold and silver (or backing of currency) are to be money in these United States, and thirdly, this scheme deprives citizens of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", which can be construed as their property. WAKE UP, PEOPLE, we are the sovereigns, we are the government, these corrupt scumbag politicians WORK FOR AND ANSWER TO US!!!! Abolish the fed, Abolish lobbying, 10th Amendment States Rights!!

James, Lake Orion, MI

WARREN, you must educate yourself on banking, as practiced by the "international bankers". regional banks like comerica and flagstar, here in michigan, are not protected by the federal reserve cartel like BAC, JPM, WFC, C, GS, or MS. they just take in deposits and pay 1-2% interest, loan the deposits out at 5-12%, and make enough income to pay costs and have some profit hopefully. the only part of this that may be disputable is the capital reserve ratio, where they loan out $10 for every $1 they have in deposits, this is the capital reserve ratio.

James, Lake Orion, MI

the problem is that our money since 1913 has been created out of nothing by the private federal reserve, then loaned back to us at interest, which costs taxpayers over $500 billion/year currently, and increasing greatly because of expansion of the money supply--running the printing presses overtime! this is what the federal income tax is for, it was instituted the same year the federal reserve act was passed, 1913. ALL OF OUR FEDERAL INCOME TAXES GOES TO PAY THE INTEREST ON OUR MONEY SUPPLY THAT THE FED CREATES OUT OF NOTHING!!!! (a total scam)

James, Lake Orion, MI

nobody would have a problem, i don't think, with people going bankrupt, losing their houses etc...if the banks did the same! bailing the banks out with the taxpayers money is a ridiculous scam. the financial system would have recovered quite quickly, with any good assets being taken over by healthy smaller banks, which could become huge quickly in an environment like that. this is all part of the global plan to bring on a new world order out of the economic chaos and fallout brought on by this economic depression.

James, Lake Orion, MI

the ultra elites of the world, who are never mentioned in the forbes 500 list, want a world communist gov't with a world currency, which will give them total control of the economy and the people. you see, they understand that the only constant in life is change, and they're on top of the mountain, and want no change, so they need as much control as possible to keep the status quo. these people are monopoly men, not capitalists!! as jd rockefeller said, "competition is a sin."

James, Lake Orion, MI

bill gates and warren buffet, at about $40-60 billion each, are nothing compared to the rothschild dynasty at about $500 trillion, and the rockefellers at around $300 trillion. these two families and their tax exempt foundations are doing the social engineering of our societies right in front of us, but we're too involved with "dancing with the stars" or "america's got talent" or the nfl or some other diversion, to see it happening. check out radioliberty.com, infowars.com, cuttingthroughthematrix.com

Awesome Man, Awesomeville

I think that banking in itself is a great idea, which ensures savings, investment and security. However once these guys get buddy buddy with the fat cats on the hill and control the monetary system, something needs to be done. END THE FED!

Anonymous, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Here in Canada the politicians will debate anything else but the criminal banking system. Why is that? Would they be removed from their positions in some way? I believe they would, and quickly. The issue is taboo.

Anonymous, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Here's a link to a video on the Canadian banking system with interviews with ex-prime ministers, the finance minister etc. http://www.video.me/ViewVideo.aspx?catid=14&ci=23772&vid=248270

David, Horsham

To tar all bankers with the same brush is absurd as is the outright condemnation of banks. They fulfil a vital role in providing liquid resources to expand businesses, build great enterprises and provide funding for governments. As with everything else in life excesses will arise from time to time and ways must be found to curb these and prevent, in as far as one can, further excesses. The most dangerous group in the community are those who when they see something go wrong condemn the whole of the enterprise and those engaged in it outright and thus provide a platform for extremists.

Evans, Miami

The ROTHSCHILDS won't like it.

Paul, Ohrid
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Paul, Ohrid    3/9/12

Eustace Mullins videos are a fount of information regarding the ruling elite and their banking shenanigans. He once said the creation of money from nothing as the central banks do is sacrilegious because only God can create something from nothing. This shows their kabalistic beliefs.

Davy, Richmond

I would say money is not the root of all evil, but it is definitely evils main weapon. And for that evil to prevail, all good people need do is stay lazy and greedy and do nothing.

The weapon of the people is their aweareness of just how valuable their labour really is, their skills, who they really are, not who they are told to be.

Acton warned us by saying the problems with the banks has haunted mankind throughout the centuries, and it would inevitably be another round of the people versus the same banks.

Today we see the Chinese government printing its own money, loaning it out at zero percent, Ok, its human rights may be slightly sour, but its monetary system is creating the wealth the west now admires and should have.

Glassy eyed rules and government owned cash is the only way to render these thieves bankrupt.

Davy, Richmond

Someone mentioned the Rothschilds.

What is happening here today carries a double edged sword. The same people named here also own the majority shares in the global ready energy basket, IE, the coal, oil, gas the MSM etc.. What they have done is built a new religion around itself called Carbon Tax, which is being brought forward as another global reserve currency, basically earning them the right to pollute and collect on everything we use to function.

However the word is out, they won't get away with this, as soon as the masses realise there has been no warming and the backers of the lie are the same on both sides of what is a modern Napoleonic war on our labour, an isolation type starvation will follow them and their lied pipers into their mountain without a door.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Davy, Richmond 3/6/24

Good call 10 years ago.  Unfortunately they HAVE gotten away with it.  Carbon tax is here!  

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Abby    3/14/23

As we may see in the touchable future....

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

The people will educate and the people will learn.


The quote you provided is often attributed to American poet and author John Maynard Keynes. However, there is some debate about its origin, and it's possible that it may have been misattributed. Regardless of its origin, the quote reflects a sentiment that has been echoed by various individuals throughout history, particularly during times of economic upheaval or social unrest.

jake, usa
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    jake, usa    5/23/24

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